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Design Assist Software

Aqua-Flow Design Assist Software

AquaFlow provides designers with the information they need to design a micro-irrigation system for optimum performance. In addition, AquaFlow provides system operators with the information necessary to operate the system, efficiently applying the desired amount of water and nutrients to the crop.

AquaFlow will also aid designers in the design of a complete Aqua-Traxx PC, Aqua-Traxx classic, Dura-Traxx, Drip In classic and Drip In PC systems. In addition, the AquaFlow program will also calculate the flushing velocities and chemical travel time of the lateral. The program also allows for the sizing of submains and mainlines. The AquaFlow program includes both metric and U.S. measurement units in the graphic screens for pressure profile and flow profile curves. Metric units are given in kPa and meters. U.S. units are given in psi and feet. Contact a Toro authorized dealer to get a copy of AquaFlow.

Water Traxx Software

Is Aqua-Traxx PC for you? This specially designed software, will estimate a growers current level of efficiency to deliver water, fertilizer to the crop. Water Traxx will also run an economic evaluation to determine if the cost of switching to Aqua-Traxx PC is justified in terms of water, fertilizer and power savings.

Please contact your local certified Aqua-Traxx PC Dealer for access to this unique tool.

Should you need the name of dealer near you, please contact Toro Customer Service at 800-333-8125.