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AquaFlow - Drip Irrigation Design Software

Welcome to AquaFlow, Toro’s drip irrigation design software.  Now available as a web application, AquaFlow can be accessed and used online or downloaded to your computer for offline use. To become a registered user, click one of the following links, accept the User Agreement, and fill all the fields in the Registration Form:
AquaFlow 4.0 - Drip Irrigation Design Software (Web version)
AquaFlow 4.0 - Drip Irrigation Design Software (Download version)

To get started or to learn more about how AquaFlow works, click here to download the AquaFlow 4.0 User's Manual.
A summary of the capabilities of AquaFlow include: 
  • NEW: Ability to create designs both offline and online at or without the need to download to your computer.
  • NEW: A user-friendly welcome screen that automatically formats to multiple screens and font sizes, and includes expandable panels that reveal instant results, including a color-coded Uniformity Map.  Design functions include Laterals, Submains, Lateral/Submain Flushing, and Mainlines.
  • NEW: Pull-down menus to allow easy creation of Customers and Projects, and easy selection of Mainline Design, Custom Laterals and Pipes, Options, Common Formulas, and Help. To enable the Custom Laterals feature, contact
  • NEW: Report of lateral quantity per block, number of laterals per block, and submain and mainline irrigation travel time.
  • NEW: Chart of submain velocity vs. distance.
  • NEW: Ability to enter data for custom submain and mainline pipe sizes. To enable the Custom Pipe Sizes feature, contact
  • Lateral choices include Toro’s Aqua-Traxx® and Aqua-Traxx® PC premium drip tape, Neptune flat emitter dripline, BlueLine® Classic and BlueLine® PC premium dripline, and Custom Laterals.
  • Submain and Mainline choices include Toro Oval Hose and Layflat, and multiple types and sizes of PVC pipe.
  • Multiple-slopes may be entered for laterals, submains, and mainlines.
  • Submains and mainlines may be telescoped with multiple pipe sizes.
  • Two laterals may be easily compared.
  • Designs may be easily saved, exported and imported.
  • Reports may be printed/saved to pdf.
  • Choose either English or Spanish language.
  • Choose either Standard or Metric units.

To further streamline the drip irrigation design process, Toro has created a drip irrigation product database for Irricad Software.  The database includes the following drip irrigation products: Aqua-Traxx drip tape, Aqua-Traxx PC (pressure-compensating) drip tape, Neptune flat emitter dripline, BlueLine Classic dripline, and BlueLine PC dripline.  Click here to download Toro's drip irrigation product database for Irricad.

In order to achieve the best possible results, Toro encourages that irrigation designs be performed by an authorized Toro dealer.  To find your nearest authorized dealer, please contact Toro at 1 (800) 333-8125 or (619) 562-2950.

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