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Alternative Energy Products

The Toro Company invests in innovative solutions to increase the fuel efficiency of our products and reduce emissions. Alternative Energy ProductsRecent product introductions utilize propane, biofuels, hybrid, advanced battery, electronic fuel injection, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

  • The Toro® Greensmaster® eFlex™, the industry's first lithium-ion battery-powered walk greens mower, is now manicuring greens and sports fields at championship venues around the world. The eFlex can mow up to nine greens on a single charge.

  • Several Toro® and Exmark® commercial mowers incorporate closed-loop Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems to offer significant benefits in improved startability, stronger performance, and dramatically reduced fuel consumption. In some cases, commercial landscapers who have adopted EFI technology have documented up to 25 percent less fuel usage than comparable carbureted engines.

  • In 2010, The Toro Company collaborated with an aerospace and defense company to develop two utility vehicles powered by advanced hydrogen technology. These prototype vehicles were delivered to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency for operational demonstration. Toro also participated in a three-year project with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop similar hydrogen cell powered equipment.
  • Alternative Energy Products
  • Toro's innovative Smart Power™ technology automatically transfers power where it's needed on the machine – to prevent from bogging down in heavy cutting conditions and keeping the blades at optimum cutting speed for a superior quality of cut.

  • Toro's Greensmaster® TriFlex™ Hybrid riding greens mower features an all-electric reel drive system.

  • Providing the power and performance of a gas trimmer, Toro® lithium ion battery-powered string trimmers help homeowners tackle tough tasks around the yard, and include an exclusive storage-mode feature that allows for longer runtimes and helps extend battery life.
  • Alternative Energy Products
  • Toro® and Exmark® propane-powered professional mowing equipment not only help reduce emissions but also provide increased fuel efficiency for extended runtimes and create a lower cost of ownership over the life of the machine.

  • With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, Toro's EnergySmart™ label is about efficiency in fuel and labor – and providing sustainability improvements for our customers.

  • Toro and Exmark were first in the turf industry to approve B20 biodiesel fuel for most commercial and landscape contractor equipment.
  • Alternative Energy Products
  • Our proprietary Recycler® cutting system mulches grass clippings into fine particles to return vital nutrients and moisture back to the soil, helping reduce yard waste sent to landfills and fertilizer usage.