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Irrigation Efficiency

The Toro Company continues to launch major advancements in water-saving technologies. Our award-winning innovations are revolutionizing the irrigation industry and helping golf courses, sports venues, professional contractors, homeowners and agricultural growers use this precious resource more efficiently while saving money and improving growing conditions.

  • With a focus on providing sustainable solutions in water management, Toro’s Irrigation Business received the 2014 “Sustainable Design and Innovation Award” from the City of Riverside (California). Presented to companies that exemplify excellence in green building standards, Toro was recognized for its efforts in optimizing energy usage, conserving water resources, and using environmentally preferable products in site design.

  • Advanced solutions in site assessment, like Toro's new PrecisionSense™ technology, measure the variability of key site attributes – including soil moisture, salinity, compaction and plant performance – to help customers improve water and resource efficiency, and produce healthy, more uniform turf. This innovative technology was honored by the Minnesota High Tech Association as recipient of the 2013 Tekne Award in agricultural technology.
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • The award-winning Toro® EVOLUTION® irrigation controller is designed to evolve into a “smart” controller with water-saving upgrades. With the addition of the Smart Connect™ feature, it can simultaneously communicate with rain/moisture sensors, a weather sensor, handheld remote control, and even auxiliary features such as landscape lighting.

  • Leveraging Toro's innovative Turf Guard® wireless soil sensing technology used on golf courses and sports fields, the award-winning Precision™ Soil Sensor helps homeowners maximize irrigation efficiency by watering only when the soil needs moisture.

  • Toro's patented Precision™ Spray and Rotating Nozzles, which easily retrofit existing irrigation systems, reduce flow rates by 35% and deliver a lower application rate to provide up to 30% water savings.

  • In partnership with water districts in California, Toro introduced in 2011 to help homeowners realize significant water savings. To date, over 120 cities are participating and interest is growing in other states. Hundreds of thousands of Toro's Precision™ Spray Nozzles have been redeemed by customers with the potential to save more than 1 billion gallons of water over a five-year period.
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • Toro's innovative solutions, like our patented Aqua-Traxx® tape and BlueLine™ offerings, help agricultural growers worldwide maximize efficiencies in water usage and improve crop yields.

  • In response to growing global concerns surrounding water availability and cost, Toro's WaterSmart® Symposium brings together customers and industry experts to discuss resource challenges, improved management practices, and advanced irrigation technologies.