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Lynx® Central Control

  • Area and hole orientation lets you control your irrigation the same way you think about your golf course
  • Course Report lets you know how your system performed - capturing both automatic and manual irrigtation events
  • Turf Guard integration helps you determine when to irrigate and how much
  • Create and edit your own interactive digital map
The Toro® Lynx® Control System was developed specifically to help you address the unique challenges and changing priorities you face every day. With the Lynx® System, you can now have all of your essential irrigation information readily available in one place, conveniently combined into a single, intuitive interface.

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Area and Hole Orientation

Organized by area and hole, the software lets you define and control your irrigation system in the same way that you think about your golf course.

Irrigate by minutes or inches

Control your irrigation by setting runtime minutes or application inches and let the system calculate the other. See exactly how much water you will apply and how long you will irrigate each area.

Dynamic Drill Down

Intuitive user interface tool that guides you to where you need to go. Follow the water drop indictation in the Watering Plan to find stations, holes or entire areas that are disabled, on hold or otherwise not programmed to irrigate. Quickly find any stations in the Course Report that did not operate as intended.

Course Report

Provides a daily summary of how your irrigation system performed. Captures both scheduled and manual irrigation events conducted at the central computer, from the handheld radio, or at the satellite faceplate.

Product LiteratureLynx Sell SheetEnglish PDF
Product LiteratureLynx® Product BrochureEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx CE 2.0 GDC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx CE 2.0 OSMAC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx CE 2.0 VP Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx PE 2.0 GDC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx PE 2.0 OSMAC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx SE 2.0 GDC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsLynx SE 2.0 OSMAC Bid SpecsEnglish PDF
SpecificationsNetwork VP Bid Specs Word DocEnglish PDF


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Specifications & Drawings

Download the latest written specifications and detail drawings for Toro irrigation products.

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NSN® Support

Toro NSN offers fast system troubleshooting, problem-solving, remote diagnostics and friendly advice.

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Lynx™ Control System

The agile Lynx Control System was developed to give you intuitive control over what happens on your course.

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Turf Guard Monitoring

The Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System helps you improve your turf, soil and water efficiency.

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Manuals/Bid Specs

Find the product manuals and bid specs for your Golf Irrigation system.

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Golf Products Catalog

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