INNOVATION by design

Smart Power
Smart Power prevents bogging down in heavy turf by automatically controlling the machine speed and optimizing cutting performance.  Mow with confidence knowing the Groundsmaster 4000 delivers an unmatched quality of cut even in difficult conditions.


It’s never been so easy to understand your machine with the Mini InfoCenter at your fingertips.  It gives instant updates about potential problems and diagnostics for simpler maintenance.  Change your speed on the fly, control operator settings, and be notified- all with the Mini InfoCenter.


All-Time Traction Assist
Avoid slipping in muddy or wet conditions with this hydraulic feature that prevents tire spin outs.  All-Time Traction Assist is automatic, always functioning, and always on your side.  Rely on Traction Assist for slick hill conditions to prevent tire slips and ripped turf.  Comes standard on Groundsmaster 4000-D and is optional for Groundsmaster 4100-D.

SmartCool™ System
Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Reduces the amount of time an operator spends cleaning the back hood.

Watch the Groundsmaster 4000-D in action.

Click here for the Groundsmaster 4000-D Brochure (PDF)