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  • High performance reel mower
  • Heavy duty, robust construction
  • Powerful & reliable Kubota® diesel engine
  • Versatile range of cutting units
Building on a long-stranding legacy, the high quality design and robust heavy duty construction will meet the most demanding of environments whilst the range of high-performance, commercial specification cutting units – offered in two-different diameter’s and with numerous blade configurations – will provide the perfect finish every time. From light trimming to mowing dense, overgrown areas, the LT3340 can be tailored to suit your mowing application.

Operator Environment

Keeping the operator happy and comfortable is just as important as providing a reliable, durable machine. The LT3340 features a well-laid out operator environment with all the machines controls failing easily to hand – allowing finger tip control. The standard adjustable seat with mechanical suspension offers excellent levels of comfort over course terrain whilst the optional Deluxe seat options offer an upper back-support, longer arm-rests and air-ride suspension.

Tilting Platform and Engine Cover - LT3340

A tilting platform and large opening engine cover feature on the LT3340, providing quick and easy access to routine service points and for maintenance. With the quick removal storage compartment and centre bulkhead, the entire machine is opened up to provide mechanics with a direct route to repairs – alleviating the need to remove parts before addressing the service need.

Kerb Climbing Ability

Kerb climbing is a daily requirement for these mowers and one of the highest forms of stress. With large diameter high-specification tyres, a strong robust rear-axle and superb levels of ground clearance the LT3340 handles kerbs with ease.

Transmission LT3340 Feature

The LT3340 offers a 4-wheel drive on-demand transmission system delivers superb levels of off-road performance and traction through 4 individual hydraulic wheel motors. Diff-lock is fitted as standard and ensures added capability when operating in extreme conditions by locking both front wheels to provide continuous traction.

Heavy Duty Lift Arms - LT3340 Feature

The heavy duty lift arms on the LT3340 have been developed to work in unison with the capabilities of the Mk.3 cutter units - working to ensure a reliable, cost effective solution to commercial mowing.


The reliable and industry-proven Kubota® V1505 indirect injection diesel engine provides effortless power through a series of hydraulic pumps controlling the transmission, steering and cutter unit lift/lower and drive. Internal 'oil-immersed' disc brakes are provided with an electrically operated hydrostatic parking brake – fitted with lock-out to prevent accidental engagement.

Efficient Cooling

The LT3340 features an easy to clean open-core radiator and swing-out oil cooler to ensure maximum cooling efficiency in all conditions. In the unlikely event of an overheat, an audible horn will sound together with the disengagement of the cutting units – allowing transit to a safe location to allow the machine to cool. The cutter units will restart once the system has cooled to normal operating levels.

On-Road Performance

Providing a high 25 km/h transport speed ensures fast transportation between sites for improved productivity. Together with a long wheel-base and central point of gravity, the LT3340 is easy to operate on the highway at speed.

Optional Cab

An optional full weather ROPS cab is available for the LT3340, providing superb levels of comfort for the operator and protection from the elements. A noise-reduction package, heater and cab-tilt system – offering superb levels of access – are offered as standard. Air-Conditioning is available as an option.

Cutting Units - LT3340 Feature

Available in two cutting diameters, the proven and reliable Mk.3 cutting unit ensures a perfect finish and distribution whilst withstanding the rigours of a commercial application. The 200 mm unit is available with a choice of either 4, 6, 8 or 10 blades and are suited to finer applications such as sports/playing fields and school grounds. Available with a floating head option, they offer the ideal solution for terrain where excellent contour following is essential. The larger 250 mm unit, available with either 4, 6 or 8 blades and offers the perfect solution to mowing longer or more dense areas of grass - easily mowing +125 mm of grass to less than 25 mm in one pass – without compromising the after cut appearance.

Engine Kubota® 4-cylinder 35 hp (26 kW) indirect injection water cooled diesel
Fuel Capacity Diesel Fuel 8.3 gal (37.8 L) provides a full day operation
Cutting Width Up to 212 cm
Cooling System Water Cooled
Cutting Units Heavy Duty Mk.3 200 mm (8") or 250 mm (10") Reels
Drive System 4WD on demand
Ground Speed 0 to 15 mph
Hour Meter Digital hour meter
ROPS 2-Post folding ROPS frame fitted as standard
Transmission 4WD Hydrostatic with diff-lock
Weight 1,325 kg
Warranty 2-Year limited

Full road lighting kit with brake lights

Full road lighting kit with brake lights

Flashing beacon

Flashing beacon

Waste bin kit

Waste Bin Kit

ROPS-Assist kit

ROPS-Assist kit

Tool Box Kit

Tool Box Kit

Kevlar tyre kit

Kevlar tyre kit

Blower / Tool carrier

Blower / Tool carrier

Deluxe air-ride seat with vinyl or fabric covers

Deluxe air-ride seat with vinyl or fabric covers

Air conditioning (Full weather cab)

Air conditioning (Full weather cab)

Fabric cover for standard seat

Fabric cover for standard seat

Full Weather ROPS Cab

An optional full weather ROPS cab is available for the LT3340, providing superb levels of comfort for the operator and protection from the elements. A noise-reduction package, heater and cab-tilt system – offering superb levels of access – are offered as standard. Air-Conditioning is available as an option.

Floating Cutter Unit Kit

Enables operation on finer turf applications, available with solid or grooved front roller.

Flashing Beacon Kit

Flashing amber warning beacon

Deluxe Seat Kit

Deluxe seat with improved suspension system and adjustable back-rest with arm-rests and recoil lap-belt.

Operator ManualEnglish PDF56 Pages
Parts CatalogEnglish PDF84 Pages


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