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Greensmaster® 3250-D (04384)

  • Kubota® Engine, 16.2 hp (12.1 kw)
  • Joystick Controls for Easy Operation
  • Larger Tires for Reduced Turf Compaction
There has never been a greensmower with as much versatility as the new Greensmaster® 3250-D. A large, 3 cylinder, Briggs & Stratton®, Vanguard/Daihatsu®, liquid cooled, 21 hp (15.7 kw) diesel engine provides the performance needed to use on greens and all areas around greens.

Learn about the innovative Toro® Greensmaster® riding greens mower cutting system, allowing greens mowers to cut as low as 1/16 inch (2mm).

Patented DPA Cutting Units

Precision manufactured cutting units with minimal adjustments and the proven ability to maintain adjustment for longer periods of time provide superior cutting performance.

Perfect Triangle Wheel Stand Design

The Triangle Wheel Stand places the rear wheel track within the radius of the front wheel, which prevents accidentally dropping the rear wheel into a nearby sand bunker while making the turn for the next mowing path.

Operator Comfort

Up-front and low seating, an adjustable steering arm, and fingertip controls all increase operator comfort and productivity.

Maintenance Ease

All components, especially those that require daily inspection and routine maintenance, are conveniently located for servicing. The Greensmaster® 3250 has fewer hydraulic lines and connectors. All hydraulic components are positioned for easy visual inspection.

Patented 3 Wheel Drive Technology

The unique Series/Parallel System design features out-perform any other 3-wheel drive system on uphill or sidehill operation. This system guarantees power to the wheel which requires it most.

Safe Operation

The placement of the center cutting unit, located between the the front traction wheels, along with the front center basket removal, allows a low mounting design of the transmission and engine. This lowers the center of gravity, giving the machine much higher hillside stability.

Safety Interlock System

Toro's riding greens mowers are equipped with safety interlock systems. Machine cannot be started if the implement or traction is engaged. Machine can only be started if brake is engaged and operator is seated. Reels cannot be operated in transport speed or without operator in the seat.

Leak Detection

The dependable Turf Guardian™ leak detection technology alerts the operator if a leak occurs. Optional on the Greensmaster® 3250.

Engine Kubota 902 tier 4i, 16.2hp hp (12.1 kw) @ 2400rpm 3-cylinder, liquid cooled, Diesel Engine
Fuel Capacity 6 gal (22.7 L)
Mowing Speed 2 - 5 mph (3.2 - 8 kph)
Transport Speed 0 - 8.8 mph (14.4 kph)
Cutting Width 59 in (149.9 cm)
Weight Approx. 1,338 lbs. (629.6 kg)
Warranty 2 year limited warranty

Accessories & Attachments

Customize your cutting units to finesse your greens with roller scrapers, combs, brushes, groomers and more. Perform multi-tasks with your Greensmaster® with the spiker, thatching reel or greens roller.

View all available attachments and accessories in the Greensmaster® 3250-D Accessory Guide

DPA cutting units, groomers and rotating rear roller brushes

Thatcher, Spiker, Tri-Roller

Reference material for older cutting units

SpecificationsView Detailed SpecificationsEnglish PDF
AccessoriesAccessory GuideEnglish PDF
ArticlesGreensmaster® Cutting Unit ArticleEnglish PDF
Product LiteratureBrochureEnglish PDF
Operator ManualEnglish PDF48 Pages
 Danish PDF48 Pages
 German PDF52 Pages
 Spanish PDF52 Pages
 Finnish PDF48 Pages
 French PDF52 Pages
 Italian PDF52 Pages
 Japanese PDF48 Pages
 Dutch PDF52 Pages
 Norwegian PDF48 Pages
 Portugese PDF52 Pages
 Russian PDF56 Pages
 Swedish PDF48 Pages
Parts CatalogEnglish PDF72 Pages
Schematic Drawing - ElectricalEnglish PDF1 Pages
Schematic Drawing - HydraulicEnglish PDF1 Pages


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