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XTRA SMART™ EC-XTRA™ Landscape Timer & Wireless Weather Sensor (53855)

  • Expandable to 10 zones using a 2-Zone Expansion Module (sold separately)
  • Monitors temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation
  • Stores all programming in memory for up to 5 years with no battery required

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The smart easy way to save water and money! The Toro® XTRA SMART Landscape Timer and Wireless Weather Sensor is a clever system of components that work together to enable local weather to automatically control your automatic sprinkler system to lower water usage, save time and save money. The XTRA SMART system consists of an EC-XTRA 8-Zone Indoor Timer, Wireless Weather Sensor, Smart Pod Receiver and Scheduling Advisor™ companion software. This system is easy to install and set up. Program one time using the Scheduling Advisor software and the system takes over automatically preventing watering when it is too wet or cold and increasing watering with it is too dry or hot. Learn more at

Save Water - Save Money

Check your local water agency for available rebates.

Automatic Circuit Protection

Valve failure detection automatically senses then bypasses faulty valves.

Snap-In Wire Connectors

No tools needed, easy to install.

Expandable to

Expands to 10-zones with 2-zone Expansion Module(Model #53741).

365-Day Calendar

Water on specific days of the week, odd or even days, interval, with day exclusion to meet water restrictions.

Included parts

Mounting hardware, transformer, and instruction manual.

Rain-Freeze Shut-Off

Automatically shut-off stops watering when it rains or freezes.

Programmable Pump Start / Master Valve

Delay the operation of well pumps or master control valves from 2 - 60 seconds.

Flexible Run Time

Set length of watering from 1 minute to 6 hours.

Seasonal Adjust

Decrease watering schedule during cool months and increase it during hot months without having to reprogram.

Wireless Weather Sensor

Up to 500 feet of range. Mounts easily to a rain gutter or unobstructed fence or wall. Designed exclusively to work with the EC·XTRA™ Indoor Timer

Max Output to Valves 24 VAC, .7 A
Transformer Input 120 Vac, 60 Hz
Transformer Output 24 Vac, .75 amps
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Zone Capacity 6, expandable to 10

EC-XTRA™ 2-Zone Expansion Module

Expands Toro EC-XTRA™ indoor timer to up to 10-zone and outdoor timers to up to 12-zone capability.  Model #53741.

ManualECXTRA_User_GuideEnglish PDF
ManualECXTRA_User_Guide_Quick_StartEnglish PDF
Manual53854 User GuideEnglish PDF


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