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DL2000® Series PC Dripline

  • No filters to change or chemically treated disks to handle
  • Irrigation takes place at or below grade so there is minimal water loss due to mist, evaporation, run-off or wind
  • Ideal for shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas and parking islands
  • Seven-year warranty against root intrusion
DL2000 pressure-compensating dripline is the most technologically advanced subsurface irrigation system available. Through its non-toxic ROOTGUARD® technology, only DL2000 delivers optimal water application directly to the root zone while safely inhibiting root intrusion.

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U.S. Government-approved ROOTGUARD Protection

The pre-emergent, TREFLAN®, is impregnated into the emitter during the molding process and creates a “force field” effect around the emitter outlet, diverting root growth and assuring long term reliability.

At-Grade Or Buried Options

Can be installed at grade or buried 4” – 8” (10,2- 20,4cm)underground, delivering irrigation directly to the plant’s root zone.

Pressure Compensating Self-cleaning Emitters

Provide precise, trouble-free water application. TREFLAN® impregnated emitters are inseparably welded to the inside wall of durable polyethylene dripline tubing during manufacturing.

Environmentally Friendly

Irrigation takes place at or below grade so there is minimal water loss due to mist, evaporation, run-off or wind. Fertigation needs are reduced because water is applied only at the root zone.

Safety and Liability

When DL2000 is installed below ground, the landscape surface is free from irrigation equipment that may disrupt activities or cause injury. Sub-surface performance also avoids slippery walkways and roadways as well as wet walls, fences and windows.

Size 5/8" (1.6 cm)
Flow 0.5-1.0 GPH (1.9 - 3.8)
Recommended Operating Pressure 15-60 PSI (1 - 4.1 BAR)
Outside Diameter 0.71" (1.8 cm)
Inside Diameter 0.62" (1.6 cm)
Wall thickness 0.045" (1 mm)
Emitter Spacing 12", 18" (31, 46 cm)
Minimum Filtration Requirement 120 Mesh
Coil Color Black and Red
Coil Length 100', 500', 1000' (31, 150, 305 m)
Product LiteratureDL2000 Sell SheetEnglish PDF
Product LiteratureDL2000 Series Microline with ROOTGUARD Sell SheetEnglish PDF
ManualDesign GuideEnglish PDF

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