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Pro Sneak™ 360 Vibratory Plow

  • Consistent plowing up to 24" (61 cm) deep
  • Compact footprint, a 36"(91 cm) width allows easy access to tight spaces
  • Maximum maneuverability from hydraulic steering and articulation to a full 28-degrees
  • Reliable power to ensure constant performance while plowing or trenching
Toro's Pro Sneak™ 360 Vibratory Plow delivers powerful plowing in a compact, maneuverable package - perfect for installing drip line, cable, or anything else in tight spaces. It all adds up to reliable performance, job after job.

Consistent Plowing

Optimized plow design provides down pressure to maintain consistent plowing up to 24" deep in a variety of conditions. The 10-degree frame oscillation ensures constant wheel-to-ground contact when plowing over rough terrain or crossing open trench lines.

Safe Operation

Due to an optimized operator position, the operator can see all four tires while trenching, plowing, or transporting.

Compact Footprint

36" (91 cm) width allows easy access to tight spaces - less than any other riding vibratory plow.

Increased Traction and Stability

Optional dual wheel configuration increases traction and stability. Dual wheel configuration also minimizes the impact on soft turf. Dual wheels available in two sizes. (23x10.5x12 or 26x12x12)

Added Versatility

The optional hydra-borer attachment adds versatility to the Pro Sneak 360's operation. Hydra-Borer's high rotational torque provides smooth boring through difficult soil conditions beneath driveways and walkways, even when back reaming.

Maximum Maneuverability

Hydraulic steering allows articulation to a full 28-degrees to the left or right of center for a minimum turning radius of 72" (183) to provide greater maneuverability in tight spaces.

Easy-to-Read Controls

System gauges and indicator lights are easy to read and grouped together for greater visibility.

Precise Control

Low-effort, dual-lever ground drive controls for creep and transport modes ensure precision when plowing, trenching, boring, or transporting.

Reliable Power

Caterpillar C1.6 4-cylinder, liquid cooled engine, provides gross 35.5 hp (26.5 kW) at 3,000 RPM to ensure constant performance while plowing or trenching.

Productive Trenching

The optional front-mounted, hydraulically-driven trencher digs to depths of 24" or 36" (61 cm or 91 cm).

Battery 12-Volt, 685 cranking amps
Dimensions Width - 26x12x12 tires: 46" (117 cm), Width - 23x10.5x12 tires: 36" (91 cm), Wheelbase - 48" (122 cm),
Overall Height with ROPS & 26x12x12 tires: 81.9" (208 cm), Overall Length - with plow & blade: 118" (300 cm),
Ground Clearance (with 26x12x12 tires): 7.9" (20 cm)
Engine Caterpillar C1.6, Liquid-cooled, Diesel Engine
Maximum Plow Depth 24" (61 cm)
Wheels Tire Options: Single Tires - 23x10.5x12 Dual Tires: 26x12x12 or 23x10.5x12
Weight Operating weight with 26x12x12 tires, ROPS, and vibratory plow (less blade): 2,770 lbs (1,256 kg)
Product LiteraturePro Sneak 360 Sell SheetEnglish PDF
Operator ManualEnglish PDF40 Pages
 Spanish PDF48 Pages
 French PDF48 Pages
Parts CatalogEnglish PDF64 Pages
Schematic Drawing - ElectricalEnglish PDF1 Pages
Schematic Drawing - HydraulicEnglish PDF1 Pages

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