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ProCore® Processor (09749)

  • 70 inches (177.8 cm) Processing Width
  • OnePass Hitch
  • Full Rear Roller
  • Carbide Tip Blades
Designed for large turf areas, the innovative ProCore® Processor sweeps, processes and disperses aeration cores in one, quick operation. This efficient feature helps return the turf to a playable condition in substantially less time, and with less stress to the turf, the equipment operator and the turf manager.

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Carbide Blade Tips

Long lasting carbide chopper blade tips perform exceptionally well in a variety of soil types.

OnePass Hitch

The exclusive OnePass hitch allows the ProCore® Processor to be attached directly to your three-point aerator. This configuration allows one operator and one tractor to aerate and process cores in a true one-pass operation, saving time and labor.

Rear Roller

Full, rear roller smoothes turf and eliminates tire tracks on cores or freshly aerated turf.

Construction Welded steel frame
Engine Briggs Vanguard 2 cylinder air-cooled 35 hp (26.1 kw) gross
Fuel Capacity 10 gallons (37.9 l)
Rated Engine Speed 0 - 5 mph (0 - 8 kph)
Processing Width 70 inches (177.8 cm)
Warranty 2 year limited
Weight 2200 lbs (997.9 kg)

Offset Tow Hitch

The tow hitch allows the processor to be attached to a tractor or HD Workman without the aerator. This configuration provides flexibility by separating the aeration step from the processing step.The offset feature makes sure you do not run over the cores.

Rear Wheel Kit

This kit provides additional wheels and hardware to attach to the rear of the processing unit. The rear wheel kit provides extra support to the processor in extremely soft or shallow rooted conditions.

Slow Moving Vehicle Kit

This slow moving vehicle kit can be attached directly to the processor for safety when transporting on public roadways.

Windrow Kit

Steel windrow blades designed to gather cores within the 70" (178 cm) width of the processor, when configured behind a ProCore® 880 Aerator or similar 80" (203 cm) width unit.

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