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Workman® MDE (07299)

  • SRQ™ - Superior Ride Quality
  • Active In-Frame™ twister joint
  • 48 Volt electrical system
  • Total payload of 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
The hard work shouldn't start until you get to the job site. Experience the Workman® MDE with SRQ™ for optimum operator comfort and enhanced productivity. All of the benefits of electric power plus you don't have to sacrifice payload capacity when you choose the MDE.

Experience the Workman® MD Series >>

SRQ™ - Superior Ride Quality

SRQ™ combines a coil-over shock absorber suspension design with the Active In-Frame™ twister joint. Front suspension is Independent A-Frame design with coil-over shock absorbers. Benefits include operator comfort, safety, reduced operator fatigue, and productivity and efficiency gains.

Active In-Frame™ Twister Joint

The innovative Active In-Frame™ Twister Joint allows each axle to react independently to the terrain. The result is the smoothest ride over the most undulating surfaces. All four wheels maintain constant contact with the ground for better traction, stability and less potential turf damage.

Operator/Passenger Platform

Extended front frame for additional leg room to enhance SRQ™ benefits of operator and passenger comfort.

Payload Capacity

The Workman MD Series utility vehicles have the highest total payload capacities in their class for maximum productivity. Get more jobs done in less time. MDE - 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)

Rugged Body Styling

New rugged injection-molded body styling. Latch opened hood design for ease of access for technicians.

Durable Plastic Cargo Bed

Double-walled composite bed can withstand the elements and heavy loads, and won't rust or dent.

Electric Power

Eight 6 volt heavy-duty T145 Batteries. 500 amps controller.
Extended run batteries and regenerative braking for a longer per charge work capacity and whisper-quiet operation.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

Canopy, Solid and Folding Windshield, Electric Bed Lift, Brush Guard, Heavy Duty Bumper, ROPS, Brake/Tail/Signal Light Kit, Deluxe Hard Cab, Heavy Duty Tow Hitch, Rear Lift Kit, Rahn® Groomer, Snow Plow

Brake System Front wheel: hydraulic disc, Rear wheel: hydraulic drum. Complemented with regenerative braking
Cargo Bed Double walled, composite
Controller 500 amp drive train
Electrical System Eight - 6 Volt heavy duty T145 batteries
Front Suspension Independent "A" -Frame with coil over shock absorbers
Maximum Speed 16 mph (26 km/h) with fully charged batteries
Payload Capacity 1,200 lbs (544 kg)
Frame Suspension Active-In-Frame™ twister joint, front suspension
Towing Capacity 800 lbs (363 kg) with heavy duty hitch
Warranty 2 year limited warranty

Workman® MD Accessory Guide

View all available accessories and attachments in the Accessory Guide.


To keep operators and passengers cool in the sun and dry in the rain, the Workman MD Series has a custom designed extra-wide canopy with rear moisture drainage outlets. Made of durable, high density polyethylene. Front mounts to steel diamond plate floorboard for added stability.

Folding Windshield

Clear high-impact modified acrylic. Quick and easy fold-down for airflow to enhance operator/passenger comfort. Added flexibility of full protection against elements in fold-up position.

Electric Bed Lift

A convenient, easy way to unload the cargo bed. Raises and lowers the bed efficiently within the payload capacity.

Deluxe Hard Cab

ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and CE certified cab enclosure. Features a vented front windshield for cross ventilation, glass windshield and side panels for increased visibility, and standard automotive latching system for tight seals on doors and windows. Interior dome light and 2-speed windshield wiper.

Brush Guard

Heavy-weight thickness tube bumper and guard protects against damage to front body and headlights.

Heavy-Duty Bumper

Heavy-weight thickness tube bumper protects against damage to front body and chassis.


Roll over protection bar with operator and passenger seatbelts.

Brake/Tail/Signal Light Kit

Headlights standard. Brake, Tail and Turning Signal Lights are integrated into one optional kit.

Heavy-Duty Tow Receiver Hitch

This optional tow hitch increases the towing capacity of the Workman MD and MDE to 800 lbs. (363 kg), and the Workman MDX to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
The standard tow hitch provides 400 lbs. (181 kg) towing capacity for the Workman MD, MDX and MDE.


Electrically powered heater provides enhanced comfort when needed on cold weather days.

Rahn® Groomer

The Rahn® GL650 Infield Groomer levels uneven playing fields, helping to prevent ridge build up while creating a safer, more consistent infield.It fills small holes and low spots, eliminating areas where water accumulates after rain and irrigation. The triple row broom is perfect for finishing the playing surface and can be stored upright for easy transport. Works as an efficient dethatching tool and prepares outfield grass for overseeding.
Scarifier and Springtine Options - The 2-way leveling system provides both a lock and a float position to match infield conditions. View the Rahn® Groomer.

Snow Plow

The optional 72" (183 cm) blade with 5 position manual angle adjust and optimal rubber cutting edge will move snow out of your way.

Van Box

Industrial style van box provides large enclosure for hauling tools, electrical supplies, HVAC supplies and more.

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