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​​Typical Drip System Layout

The "Typical Drip System Layout" illustration has been developed to help those who are unfamiliar with drip irrigation understand basic d​rip irrigation system components and concepts. The illustration is organized into two halves. First, the "headworks" portion of a drip irrigation system shows the typical water sources, pumps, filters, chemical injection equipment and c​ontrols used in a drip irrigation system. Second, the "field" portion of the drip irrigation system shows typical layouts for five different types of drip irrigation: field crop subsurface drip irrigation (SDI), short term vegetable crop, longer term vegetable crop, vineyard and orchard. Although every application and design will be different than this illustration, it provides a starting point for discussion with viewers unfamiliar with drip irrigation.

click the "Activate" link at the right to start the video. Click Toggle Overlay (top left) to fade background image.​