Shareholders and other interested parties may communicate directly with our Board of Directors, our Board Committees, our non-employee directors as a group, our Lead Director, or any other specified individual director in writing by (i) sending a letter addressed to The Toro Company Board of Directors, c/o Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, 8111 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota, 55420-1196, or (ii) sending an email to

Substantive communications, such as corporate governance matters or potential issues relating to accounting, internal controls or other auditing matters, are forwarded by our Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel to the relevant director(s) as appropriate. Communications not requiring the substantive attention of our Board, such as employment inquiries, sales solicitations, donation requests, questions about our products, and other such matters, are handled directly by our Management. If you have such an inquiry, please contact The Toro Company at (952) 888-8801.