• Optional for any Lynx central control system
  • Simple command set for ease of use
  • Clear audio verification
  • Comprehensive multi-manual functionality

Network Hand-held Radio works in conjunction with your central control software and puts manual irrigation capabilities in your hand. Whether you’re doing spot watering, broad area irrigation or troubleshooting, Network Hand-held Radio allows you to conduct watering activities while you’re on the move. Take your radio with you to manually start/stop programs, run individual stations or groups of stations, initiate syringe watering and more.

Compatible with Lynx and SitePro

As an optional accessory for Lynx and SitePro systems, Network Hand-held radio puts control in the palm of your hand and allows you to conduct irrigation activities while you're away from the central computer.

Simple command set

Conducting irrigation is as easy as 1-2-3. Touch-tone dialing on your UHF radio allows you to start, stop and adjust watering while you're on the course.

Audible confirmation

Network Hand-held Radio provides a clear audible indication that a command was recieved properly and will be executed by the central software. Take the guesswork out of sending commands.

Comprehensive multi-manual functionality

Start and stop individual stations or groups of stations. Utilize a common runtime for all stations, or dictate unique runtimes per station.