• Consistent speed of rotation not affected by pressure
  • Maintains precipitation rate as radius is reduced
  • Threads onto nearly all sprayheads and shrub adapters (male or female)
  • Adjustable by hand or with included tool

Based off the design of the world’s leading gear-driven rotor for golf applications, the Precision® Series Rotating Nozzle is powered by a proven gear drive and delivers wind resistant, multi-stream, multi-trajectory patterns.


Utilizes a proven planetary gear drive, variable stator and turbine to rotate the nozzle.

Fewer Models

Only two male-threaded nozzles and two female-threaded nozzles are required to cover radius range from 14-26 feet (4,3m-8,0m) and arc range from 45-360°.

Matched Precipitation Rate of 0.55”/hr. (14 mm/hr.)

These nozzles deliver water more slowly and evenly than standard spray nozzles. The precipitation rate of 0.55”/hr. (14 mm/hr.) helps prevent excess run times often set to stay within watering windows.

Consistent Speed of Rotation

The gear drive mechanism delivers a consistent speed of rotation regardless of system pressure and prevents product stalling at low pressure.

  • Radius
    14'-26' (4.3 - 7.9 m)
  • Flow
    .38-3.78 GPM (1.4 - 14.3 LPM)
  • Precipitation Rate
    0.55"/hr (1.4 cm/hr)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    40-50 PSI (2.8 - 3.5 BAR)
  • Thread
    Male; Female
  • Pattern
    45 to 270, Full-circle
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