We are committed to creating programmes, processes and experiences where employees are able to grow personally and professionally in order to achieve their best. We encourage employees to continuously enhance their current skills and develop new ones to stay competitive in their careers and to help continue our growth as a company. We offer several opportunities for continuous learning and financial support for such programmes as well.

  • Toro is committed to continuous learning and advancing the core business-related skills of our employees.

  • At Toro, learning and development is broader than traditional training as we emphasise the importance of learning experiences – such as Learning from Others, Learning by Doing, and Learning by Teaching.

  • Toro has invested in technology for online development plans to support its ongoing focus on learning.

  • We offer a tuition reimbursement programme to assist employees in their pursuit of continuous learning.

  • Toro fosters potential future leaders through courses and experiences that build skills in both Leading Performance and Leading People. We not only teach skills, but also people-management disciplines like setting objectives, managing performance, salary planning, and coaching of talent.