• 122 cm cultivation swath
  • Durable 67.1 kW (90 hp) rated gearbox
  • 7.6 cm spacing standard, optional kit reduces to 2.5 cm spacing
  • Connect Seeder 93 for single-pass thatching and seeding

The Aerothatch 83 delivers exceptional relief from thatch and compaction. Its 67.1 kW (90 hp) rated gearbox helps it withstand the most rugged conditions and provides a long life. The Aerothatch features 16 durable thatching blades, spaced 7.6 cm (3") on-centre that can achieve depths to 7.6 cm. A 2.5 cm (1") on-centre thatching blade kit is available for more aggressive aerating. Pair the Aerothatch 83 with the Seeder 93 for efficient one-pass overseeding.

Dethatching Blades

The blades are available in standard 12 gauge or optional 7 or 10 gauge. Blades are spaced on 7.6 cm centers and are optionally available on 2.5 cm centers for more aggressive dethatching.

Heavy Duty Gearbox

The 65 hp (48.5 kW) rated gearbox ensures durability and long life. The PTO driven gearbox can also be reversed for reverse thatching blade operation when required.

Variable Depth Settings

The Aerothatch 83 features variable depth settings of up to 7.6 cm in 6.4 mm increments allowing a full range of set-up options for the task being performed.

  • Aerating Depth
    0 to 7.6 cm in 6.35 mm increments
  • Aerating Width
    122 cm
  • Height
    91.4 cm
  • Hole Spacing
    7.6 cm (Model 44830)
  • Length
    145 cm
  • Weight
    250 kg
  • Width
    152 cm
  • Warranty 2 year limited warranty

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service