• Aerating Depth: Up to 11.3 cm (4.5")
  • Aerating Width - 122 cm (48") | Pattern - 2.5-10cm spacing
  • Operating Speed: 0-2.5 mph, variable Transport Speed: 0-4.5 mph, variable
  • 3WD Self-Powered – 17.1 kW (23 hp) Kohler petrol engine

The new gold standard of greens aeration. The ProCore 648s builds on the tremendous legacy of the ProCore 648 by incorporating proven technology and even more innovative features while preserving the time tested design elements that changed the way you aerate. Revised controls improve ergonomics and allow single handed operation. Hole spacing and true tine depth are now set and saved in the InfoCenter. The onboard controller is continuously monitoring key operating parameters to improve after aeration turf condition and allow the operator to easily target coring head drop and raise. A tighter turning radius with reduced wheel scrubbing and the ability to easily increase speed during turns increases productivity. Proven reliability, improved performance and exciting innovation – that’s what makes the ProCore 648s the new superior choice.

Smooth, Quiet, Powerful

To give the ProCore 648 its uncommonly smooth operation, the action of the tine arms are modeled after a six-cylinder car engine. The arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action. This precise configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration.

Deeper, High Quality Holes

RotaLink™ geometry allows the tines to enter and exit the ground cleanly leaving a high quality result.

Toro Titan™ Tines

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  • Aerating Depth
    Up to 113 mm (4.5")
  • Aerating Width
    122 cm
  • Engine
    17.1 kW (23 hp) Kohler® petrol engine
  • Ground Speed
    0-4.5 mph (Forward) / 0-2 mph (Reverse)
  • Height
    Head Raised: 114.3 cm; Handle Raised: 153 cm
  • Length
    Handle Down: 293.1 cm; Handle Raised: 231.3 cm
  • Weight
    744.7 kg (dry)
  • Width
    127.3 cm
  • Warranty 2 year or 500 hour limited**

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Rear Roller

Full, rear roller smooths turf and eliminates tyre tracks on cores or freshly aerated turf.

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Directs cores into neat, narrow rows for easy collection and removal.

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Tine Holders

Customise your aerator with a choice of five tine holders.

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Tyre Scrapers

Removes any soil accumulation from rear tyres.

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Weight Kit

Up to two additional 60 lb. (28.6 kg) weights can be added to ensure maximum penetration in hard soil.

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