• Lithium-Ion battery pack – nominal 50.4-Volt 26.7 Ah (42 – 56 volt, 1.345 kWh)
  • Permanent Magnet DC motor directly coupled to a fully gear-driven transmission with integral traction differential and traction disconnect to ease movement during service/maintenance operations.
  • 53 cm Cutting Width
  • Ground Speed – Mowing speed: 2.0-3.5 mph. Transport speed (maximum): 5.3 mph.

Extremely quiet and emission-free, the all-electric Toro® Greensmaster® e1021 Series is among the quietest and most efficient walk greens mowers on the market today. Harnessing the power of lithium-ion battery technology, the e1021 takes electrical efficiency to a new level, allowing operators to mow up to 3,250 m² of turf on a single charge. Additionally, a convenient LCD indicates an ongoing battery charge status and also displays useful information such as machine hours, diagnostics, and overall battery health. These units are designed for minimal maintenance and long, productive life – saving labour and operational costs.

Choose from 2 models, the Greensmaster eFlex 1021 with patented Flex suspension technology. Or the Greensmaster e1021 Fixed-head mower. Each with 53 cm cutting widths.


  • Greensmaster® eFlex 1021
  • Greensmaster® e1021 Fixed-head

EdgeSeries™ Reels

Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels combine to deliver a consistent, high quality cut and superior aftercut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge retention. Learn More.

Telescoping Handle

Engineered to accommodate operators of different heights, for mowing in a natural upright position. Leads to less fatigue and a superior cut. Adjustable to 5 distinct handle positions.

Handle Isolation Mounts

Two rubber grommets eliminate minor oscillations in Height-of-Cut caused by walking strides. Delivers a consistent cutting height on each and every green for optimal playability.

Dual Function Bail

A single bail combines safety and ease-of-operation. Convenient operation allows the mower to slow down or come to a full stop during turn-arounds without disengaging traction to line up for next mowing pass. Also ideal when using turn-around mats to preserve collar health.

Hi-Lo Clip Rate Knob

Clip frequency can easily be changed in the field to mow the perimeter, collars etc. The quick-change feature also can be locked out for added control.

Traction Release Lever

Disengage the traction with a simple lever twist. Getting around the shop has never been easier!

  • Power
    Lithium-Ion battery pack – nominal 50.4-Volt 26.7 Ah (42 – 56 volt, 1.345 kWh) with integrated battery management system utilising CAN communication with the machine controller and charger. Single battery affixed to unit and charged onboard. Brushless permanent magnet DC motor with integral motor controller and helical gear reduction.
  • Mowing Speed
    2.0 to 3.5 mph
  • Cutting Width
    53 cm
  • Height of Cut
    (eFlex) For Greens: (Spacer Position One) 1.5 mm to 6 mm. For Tees: (Spacer Position Two) 3 mm to 9 mm. High; Height of Cut Kit: 9 mm to 25 mm.
  • Number of Blades
    11-blade and 14-blade cutting units available (8-blade available on e1021)
  • Drive System
    (e1021) Dual position traction drum with positions for contour following or forward weight bias at higher heights of cut. (eFlex) Tapered traction drum for improved after cut appearance.
  • Certification
    Designed in accordance to ANSI/CE/WEEE/ROHS/C-TICK.
  • Weight
    (e1021) 109 kg or (eFlex) 132.5 kg
  • Warranty Four-year warranty on Lithium-Ion Battery. Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further details.

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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