• 53 V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 1.2 kW Brushless DC Motor
  • Dual Cast Aluminium Traction Drums with Poly-V Belt Drive
  • 46 cm and 53 cm Cutting Widths
  • Ground Speed – Mowing: 0.9 to 3.7 mph; Transport: 0 to 5.7 mph

In the world of greensmowing, an electric walk mower is nothing new. But a lithium-ion battery powered Greensmaster® eFlex™ that can cut up to nine typical greens on a single charge? That’s a game changer! And it’s only one part of the eFlex™ innovation story that promises to improve your playing surfaces and save you money over the life of the product.Learn more about the Greensmaster eFlex & Flex mowers!

Configuration Options:

  • Greensmaster eFlex 1820 – 46 cm Cutting Width
  • Greensmaster eFlex 2120 – 53 cm Cutting Width

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Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Management

Lithium Ion Battery Power provides enough charge to mow up to 4,180 m2 (9 average greens) on a single charge! One battery is designed to last five years and to deliver ample power to cut greens and accommodate key accessories such as groomers and light kits. No CO2 emissions, no toxic waste to dispose of, no liquid levels to monitor, no terminals to clean, no battery pack change outs during the work day, and the worry-free list goes on.

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Proven Flex Suspension (Patented)

Superior contour following capability utilizes an integrated "Flex" linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the center of the front roller to master undulations and prevent side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

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Patented DPA Cutting Units

Precision manufactured cutting units with minimal adjustments and the proven ability to maintain adjustment for longer periods of time provide superior cutting performance.

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Built-in Clip Adjustments

Each new Flex walker includes six - easy to configure - clip rate options to accommodate specific cutting heights and playability requirements for every event or desired playing condition. Three color-coded pulleys can quickly be rearranged, with a single wrench, to match your reels and clip rates to achieve the desired result.

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E-Z Turn™ Productivity

The patented EZ-Turn™ feature, if turned on, will automatically slow the unit down when turning at the end of a mowering path and automatically speed the mower up again after a controlled turn on the return pass. Improved control in turns reduces damage to turf, particularly in tight turns near a bunker or hazard, and produces better alignment on the return pass without sacrificing productivity.

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Simple Belt Drive Transmission

The simple and reliable poly-v belt drive design transfers power to the reel and traction drum both when and where it is needed.

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Thumb Wheel Traction Control

Fingertip access to thumb-wheel traction speed controller allows operators to concentrate on mowing instead of reaching for awkward throttle control levers or electronic dials.

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Adjustable - Telescoping Handle

The new telescoping handle can be adjusted up or down for enhanced operator comfort and to accommodate tall or short operators.

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No Grease Points

No grease points means less time spent on routine maintenance tasks and no more worry about grease "blurbs" on your turf.

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Quiet Operation

Noiseless operation means that you can mow whenever you want without bothering nearby residents, golfers, or other bystanders. Quiet operation enables operators to detect when reel malfunctions or potential reel damage occurs which could adversely affect the quality of cut and/or turf health.

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LED Controller Display

The new eFlex includes a safety key switch to insure that the quiet mower is clearly on or off as appropriate. In addition, the LCD indicator display provides ongoing Lithium Ion battery charge status.

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Sophisticated Battery Management System

The eFlex Battery Management System is comprised of the Lithium Ion Battery, an on-board computer and an advanced battery charger. When the eFlex mower is disconnected from the charger, the on-board electronics monitors the mower to automatically optimise battery life. Similarly, when the unit is plugged into the battery charger, the system automatically detects when the charge is complete and places the mower in an appropriate safe mode based on a number of likely (and unlikely) service scenarios.

  • Power
    Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - 53-Volt 35 A-Hr
  • Transport Speed
    5.3 mph maximum
  • Cutting Width
    46 to 53 cm
  • Height of Cut
    1.6 to 25.4 mm
  • Warranty
    2-Year limited
  • Certification
  • Ground Speed
    Mowing Speed: 0.9 to 3.7 mph
  • Traction Drum
    Dual cast aluminium 19 cm diameter with patented taper on outer 5 cm