• Safe Transport of Greens Mowers
  • Protects Adjustments
  • Easy to Load

The TransPro™ transport systems safely and easily transport walk greens mowers to and from the green.

The TransPro™ 80 accommodates a single walk greens mower including any of these Toro models: Greensmaster® 800, Greensmaster® 1000, Greensmaster® 1600 and Greensmaster® Flex 18 and 21. TransPro™ 80 requires a Flat Ramp or Rail Ramp Kit.

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Rail Ramp Kit

For the TransPro™ 80 - Recommended if you are able to get close to the green. Small stationary wheels are mounted on the axle shafts for loading the mower on the trailer.

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Low Pressure Tires

Large low pressure tyres provide flotation to protect your mower.

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Flat Ramp Kit

For the TranPro™ 80 – Recommended if you can’t get close to the green. Requires the use of transport wheels on the greensmower for loading and getting from the cart way to the green.

  • Transport Speed
    Maximum of 15 mph
  • Warranty
    2-year limited warranty
  • Hitch
    Pin type hitch is standard
  • Payload Capacity
    181 kg with trailer
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