• Ideal choice for upgrading existing systems. No communication wires are needed. Mounts to many existing pedestal bolt patterns
  • OSMAC G3 offers up to 64 stations in eight-station increments
  • The enhanced surge protection on OSMAC G3 provides lower operating costs. Ideal for high lightning areas
  • Page log and radio signal strength readings provide local troubleshooting capabilities

OSMAC® G3 The OSMAC G3 satellite is easy to install, troubleshoot and maintain. Economical because you buy only what you need and can expand as your site conditions change. They utilise paging technology to create one of the most convenient, dependable, and flexible satellites on the market. Employing wireless communication, these satellites are great for retrofit projects. Available as complete satellites or upgrade kit for existing E-OSMAC satellites. Upgrade kit includes OSMAC G3 faceplate, interface cable and hardware

  • Power
    Input power: 120/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions
    Plastic Cabinet: 43.2 cm W x 102 cm H x 40.6 cm D