• 16 to 64 stations in eight-station increments
  • Multi-Language display, supports seven languages
  • Supports hybrid communication (wireline and radio) for increased flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • 64 locally stored irrigation programs with station-based flow management

The Network VPE Satellite combines modular flexibility, ease of use and increased control in a single controller. Available in configurations from 16 to 64 stations and in eight-station increments to meet your needs. Optional station switches and surge protection provide simple operation and added security.

Station based flow management

Reduces night-time water window and optimises pump capacity. Central irrigation programs (greens, tees, etc.) are available from the satellite faceplate for manual watering and field adjustments.

Reduced download time

Variable Length (VL) communication reduces download time by up to 80%. Communicate all program information to field controllers in minutes. Have confidence that the programs will run even if the central computer is offline.

Current sensing

Monitors each station output for proper amperage draw with user defined thresholds. Under and over current alarm notification at the satellite and in Lynx. Protects against electrical shorts, wire cuts, etc.

Intuitive user interface

With backlit display for better low-light viewing. Station range entry makes establishing irrigation routines easier. DVD type controls for Start, Pause/Resume and Stop.

Runtime in seconds

Station runtimes are executed to the second, rather than being rounded to the whole minute. This prevents individual stations from over or under watering by up to 25% compared to systems that operate only in whole minutes.

  • Dimensions
    Plastic: 43.2 cm W x 101.6 cm H x 40.6 cm D; Metal: 33 cm W x 91.4 cm H x 33 cm D
  • Power
    INPUT: 108 to 132 V ac = 0.20 amps (no load), 1.20 amps (max load) 216 to 264 V ac = 0.10 amps (no load), 0.60 amps (max load), OUTPUT:24 V ac - 3.0 amps (max load)