• X-Flow shutoff device minimizes water damage from broken risers or nozzles
  • Check valve prevents low head drainage that creates soil erosion, puddling and water waste.
  • Over 120 nozzles, including the Precision Spray and Rotating nozzles, provides tremendous versatility and water savings
  • Ratcheting riser feature for easy and reliable arc adjustment.

Toro introduces the new 590GF: The first spray head designed specifically for golf course irrigation and improved water management. The 590GF is built for the tough golf course environment, including harsh debris situations like top-dressing and sand, high water pressures, and daily mower and foot traffic. In addition, a missing or damaged spray head nozzle can let 150 litres of water escape per minute, but with its patented X-Flow technology, the 590GF has a built-in shut-off device. When accidents or vandalism occur, the 590GF is there to back you up. The 590GF is perfect around bunkers, on small tee boxes, and around the clubhouse.

Stainless Steel Retraction Spring

Professional-grade for reliable pop-up and retraction.

Effluent Water Models Available

Models are available with lavender marking to identify the use of non-potable water.

  • Radius
    0,6 - 7,9 metres
  • Flow
    0,15 - 17,8 L/min
  • Arc
    Full Circle; Part circle fixed
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    40-60 PSI (2.8 - 4.1 BAR)
  • Inlet
    1" (2.5 cm)
  • Pop-Up Height
    6 cm
  • Body Height
    23 cm (VIH-26.7cm)
  • Body Diameter
    6.4 cm
  • Cap Diameter
    8.3 cm
  • Exposed Diameter
    4.4 cm