• The T-lip Lid Design keeps dirt out to prevent jamming and provides improved grip for lid removal and easy access to the equipment inside.
  • Toro offers a wide range of round and rectangular boxes to meet every need. 15.2 cm, 17.8 cm and 25.4 cm round; and 30.5 cm x 43.2 cm and 38.1 cm x 53.3 cm rectangular in both 30.5 cm standard depth and 15.2 cm shallow depth. With the reverse stack capability and rectangular 15.2 cm extensions, tackling deeper installations can be easily accomplished.
  • Variety of Colours. Toro valve boxes and covers come in a wide variety of colours to blend into the surrounding environment or to identify specific applications. Green, tan, black, and brown.
  • Durable Construction. Valve boxes are constructed of H.D.P.E. (High-Density Polyethylene) with heavy-duty wall sections designed to provide a secure enclosure.

Valve boxes are used for practical, aesthetic and security reasons wherever valves or off-fairway GDC modules need to be installed below ground but remain accessible for monitoring or service. Toro offers a full line of valve boxes that will fit valves up to 4" and 1-, 2- and 4-station GDC modules.