• 27.4 kW (36.8 hp) Yanmar® T4 Diesel Engine
  • 2-Wheel Drive, Zero-Turn
  • Available with 122 to 152 cm snow attachments including: Snow Blower, Rotary Broom, Angled Snow Blade, Fixed V-plow, and Powered V-Plow
  • Ground/Transport Speed: Forward 0 to 8 mph; Reverse 0 to 8 mph

While other mowers hibernate during the winter months, the Toro® Polar Trac™ System transforms the Groundsmaster® 7200/7210 into a powerful snow removal machine. The patented Polar Trac™ System is ready for all winter conditions with its heated hard cab, innovative rubber track system and quick-connect attachments. With its zero turn radius capabilities, you can remove snow from the tightest areas.

  • Fuel Capacity
    43.5 litres
  • Attachment lift system
    Quick Attach System™ (QAS) allows swapping of attachments without tools; Discharge Chute or the angular position of both the Rotary Broom and Straight Blade
  • Cab
    Polar Trac™ Cab: ROPS certified, tinted safety glass, includes heater/pressurizer, front wiper, dome light, upholstered interior, floor mat, rubber isolator mounts
  • Controls
    Attachment Controls: Two foot pedals; Left pedal: Raise/Lower/Hold/ Float; Right pedal: Attachment angle control–right/left
  • Engine Horsepower
    27.5 kW (36.8 hp)
  • Engine Displacement
    1,624 cc
  • Lighting
    Cab Light System: Work/road lights, turn signals, flashers and tail lamps
  • Track Tread
    Kevlar reinforced rubber compound
  • Track System
    Three wheels distribute weight over each track; front two wheels are mounted to a walking axle permitting motion without losing track tension
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Fixed V-Plow

Add year round versatility to your Groundsmaster® with a 122 cm V-Plough to clear snow from pavements or paths.

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Powered V-Plow

This 146 cm implement combines two useful snow attachments, V-plow and angled blade, into one. Left and right blades can be separately angled 30 degrees fore and aft. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies.

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Angled Snow Blade

Add year-round versatility to your Groundsmaster with a 152 cm Snow Blade that hydraulically angles 0 – 30 degrees left and right. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies.

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Snowthrower (GM)

This is the perfect blizzard battler. The 135 cm wide Erskine™ snowthrower throws snow up to 9.1 m while clearing paths down to the ground. Manufactured and marketed by Erskine Attachments™.

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Rotary Broom

The 152 cm wide mechanical driven rotary broom sweeps parking areas, walkways, and turf of dirt, leaves and snow. Operator can hydraulically angle broom 30 degrees left and right. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies.