• The same programming module fits all versions, whether indoor, outdoor or basic or intermediate models
  • IOT and Wi-Fi Ready. The IOT or Wi-Fi module enables the controller to be remotely monitored and accessed anywhere via internet or Wi-Fi, and can be remotely controlled with a smartphone.
  • Arm chair programming, after charging, allows you to remove the controller from the wall support to set the watering schedule.

The TEMPUS™ Pro Series irrigation controller delivers exceptional design, control, and ease-of-use to your irrigation system. Easy to install, easy to program, and IOT Wi-Fi ready functionality make the TEMPUS Pro Series an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an advanced irrigation controller without the complexity. With Wi-Fi, there are multiple options for upgrading the controller to automatically adjust watering or control other devices and you can simply set your programs with your smartphone from wherever you are. With water meter input and the ability to link TEMPUS to the weather website, this controller is the perfect water management tool.

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Water Budget

The Water Budget feature enables the run time of all stations assigned to a specific program to be increased from 0% to 200% in 10% increments. The Water Budget feature modifies controller operation only, all station times are retained in the controller’s programmable memory and returned to their set value when the Water Budget value is reset to 100%.

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Simple Intuitive Programming

Easy to install. Easy to program. Installation and future servicing are quick and simple with a large LCD display and intuitive interface. The multilingual display can be set to one of 5 languages. Select English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.

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Independent Programs TEMPUS

2 independent programs and 3 start times that can run concurrently with start time overlap protection within each program.

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No Battery

With the “Super Cap” option, the super-capacitor provides back-up power for maintaining the current time and date in the event of a power cut for more than 24 hours without requiring batteries.

  • Power
    Input power: 220 VAC, 50 Hz; Output power: Max per station: 24 VAC, 0.25 A; Max total (including MV control): 24 VAC, 0.625 A
  • Dimensions
    186 mm W x 140 mm H x 67 mm D
  • Weight
    1.5 kg
  • Number of Stations
    From 4 to 16 stations; 4 base stations with expansion modules of 4 stations each up to 16 stations (indoor and outdoor)
  • Number of Programs
    4 Independent programs (one can be set up as loop program)
  • Number of Start Times
    6 Start times per program
  • Run Time
    From 1 min to 8 hours (1 min intervals)
  • Programming Options
    Flexible irrigation programming: Daily (6 start times per day); Weekly; Irrigation on even and odd days; Irrigation at 1 to 30 day intervals
  • Enclosures
    Indoor with UV-resistant case; Outdoor with UV-resistant case and hinged locking door
  • Output Power
    Output power: Max per station: 24 VAC (0.5 A). Max total (including MV control): 24 VAC (1 A)
  • Controller Compatibility
    TEMPUS™ Pro is compatible with all Toro valves accepting latching solenoids, model DCLS-P or equivalent, and competitive valve models/latching solenoids
  • Communication Options
    Multilingual display. Select English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian
  • Sensing
    PSS Precision Soil Sensor Kits, TFS Flow Sensors, and other normally-closed sensors
  • Wired
    Toro TRS Wired RainSensor™; Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor
  • Wireless
    Toro TWRS Wireless RainSensor™
  • Battery
    No Battery. The optional Super Cap provides back up power for maintaining the current time and date in the event of a power cut for more than 24 hours with no batteries required
  • Supported Platforms
    TEMPUS™ Pro can be connected with all smart devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).