Mow large gardens with ease and save space with Upright SmartStow® Storage

  • Save storage space with SmartStow®
  • Supercharged cutting and collection performance with Vortex Technology®
  • Spend less time emptying bags with the combination of the wide-mouth grass bag and Vortex Technology®
  • Fixed Speed makes cutting your lawn quick and easy

Large lawn? No problem! This petrol-powered Fixed Speed Toro Recycler has a wide 55 cm cutting width and a powerful Briggs & Stratton® 163cc engine for quick handling of lawns up to 1,000 square metres. It has front-wheel drive and variable speed for mowing with ease, and it easily adjusts to your preference of recycling, bagging or side discharge. The grass bag’s capacity of up to 63 L lets you spend more time mowing instead of emptying. The SmartStow® feature lets you store the mower upright, saving storage space and providing quick access for cleaning under the deck. 2-year Guaranteed-To-Start Warranty.


Save up to 70%* floor space by storing the mower upright, with no fuel or oil leaks.

Available on select models.
*Space savings are in relation to the space consumed by a Toro® 56 cm (22") Walk-Power Mower that is stored with the handle in the standard operating position.

Briggs & Stratton® Engine with Ready Start®

Breakthrough Mow ‘n’ Stow™ engine technology by Briggs & Stratton features a no leak carburettor, a unique fuel tank design with new seals, gaskets and o-rings, and a high oil fill tube that allows the mower to be stored vertically.

The 9.83 N·m Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® 190 cc with Ready Start – no need to choke or prime the engine – just start the mower and go!

55 cm Recycler® Cutting Deck

Cut more grass in less time and improve the health of your lawn with larger 55 cm cutting width. Toro’s innovative Recycler mulching system chops grass clippings into fine particles and puts them back into your lawn giving you a healthy, lush looking garden.

Single-Piece Handle

Thanks to the open single-piece handle design, it’s much easier to remove and reinstall the grass bag.

2-Year Guaranteed-to-Start

Starts on one or two pulls up to two years or we’ll fix it for free!**

  • Briggs & Stratton Series 675 EXi 163 cc

  • 0.9 litres

  • 55 cm

  • 2.5 - 10.2 cm

  • 3-Year GTS

  • Recoil, Zone Start

  • Fixed Speed Front Wheel Drive

  • Steel

  • Bag standard;Mulch standard

  • 63 litres

  • 35 kg

  • *Space savings are in relation to the space consumed by a Toro® 55 cm Walk Power Mower stored with the handle in the standard operating position.

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