• Mix & Haul up to 91 kg dry cement
  • Specially designed auger flighting
  • Pour cement with posts in place
  • Fits on all Toro Dingo Auger Power Heads

This unique attachment will mix and pour up to 91 kg of dry cement. The specially designed auger flighting inside the cement bowl keeps the cement in the bowl during mixing. This same auger design permits cement to be poured into fence post holes with the posts in place!

No Bowl Tipping

Specially designed auger flighting permits cement to mix and pour without tipping the bowl forward.

Mix & Haul

Up to 200 pounds (90.7 kg) of dry cement in one trip. Just add water.

Pour Cement with Postholes in Place

Special auger flighting allows cement to be poured into postholes with the posts in place!

  • Construction
    Fabricated, welded steel barrel
  • Required Equipment
    Auger Power Head 22400/ 22801