• Multi-position mounting head
  • Powerful, 244 N·m of force
  • Variety of bits available

The Toro Dingo hydraulic breaker simplifies the tough job of breaking concrete, asphalt, rock or brick during renovation jobs. This rugged unit helps break up footings, pavements, foundations and a host of other solid structures. The unique mounting configuration also allows for horizontal alignment, particularly useful in breaking apart walls.

Breaks Down to 25.4 cm depth

Standard, conical tool bit breaks down to an 25.4 cm depth. Other bits available such as line, chisel and 20.3 cm tamper, moil.

244 N·m of Force

Powerful, 244 N·m of force delivers 1250 blows per minute.

Multi-Position Mounting Head

Lets you break in horizontal and vertical positions.

  • Flow
    13.2 to 41.6 L/min
  • Required Equipment
    Crossover Relief Valve
  • Standard Equipment
    Quick Couplers 2.1 cm