• One-pass prep for seed or sod
  • High filtering grate
  • Offset wire mesh finish roller
  • Breaks up soil down to 14 cm deep

The soil cultivator is the ultimate attachment for soil preparation! This incredibly versatile attachment can be used to cultivate and level soil as well as blend landscape materials, compost and fertiliser. This attachment will also bury debris such as stones, soil clods and grass. It transforms rough terrain into a perfect planting bed in one pass.

  • Blade Adjustment
    Mechanical Adjustment
  • Depth Control
    Mechanical adjustment
  • Flow
    26.5 to 53 litres per minute
  • Height
    53 cm
  • Length
    129.5 cm
  • Motor Type
    LSHT Motor
  • Number of Blades
    20 "V" non-panning blades-
  • Rated Pressure
    207 bar (3,000 psi)
  • Roller Adjustment
    Mechanical adjustment
  • Rotor Outside Diameter
    28.6 cm
  • Standard Equipment
    Dripless flush face couplers
  • Weight
    249.5 kg
  • Width
    129.5 cm
  • Working Depth
    14 cm
  • Working Width
    91.4 cm