• Universal Pivot
  • Recommended for bits up to 45.7cm

This attachment swivels in all directions to create plumb holes on uneven terrain. The higher speed of this auger power head is ideal for augers up to 18 inches in diameter. Quickly change between auger bit sizes to dig holes for fence posts, footings, irrigation heads and more! You can even secure cables and tent posts with the screw anchor adapter.

One Person Auger Change

Any of the Toro Augers can be changed by only one person! The 6.5 cm diameter shaft allows easy fitting of the head to the auger. Most other drive heads require two people to change the auger.

15° Universal Pivot

Power head swivels in all directions allowing the contractor to create plum holes on hills, slopes and uneven terrain regardless of the orientation of the traction unit. The side-to-side swing has a lockout in the centered position

High Speed Drive

The high speed drive provides maximum bit speed of 86 rpm, allowing the auger to dig holes very fast. The high speed drive delivers 1300 N·m torque and is fantastic for any contractor wanting to auger many holes in a short period of time in most ground conditions.

Planetary Gear Drive

The plantetary gear drive provides high speeds and maximum torque to the auger, while transmitting minimal stress on the auger head components. The planetary gear drive insures the longevity of the hydraulic motor.

  • Auger Speed
    80 rpm @ 41.6 L/min
  • Engine Displacement
    131.1 cc / rev
  • Flow
    0 to 75.7 L/min
  • Gear Drive Type
    Auburn Gear Model 6 Planetary
  • Hoses
    Two high-pressure hoses
  • Motor Type
    Eaton 2000 Series Geroler
  • Mounting Type
    4-Bolt Magneto Mounting
  • Pivot Pins
    1" (25.4 mm) O.D. x 0.5" (12.7 mm) I.D. steel space
  • Quick Couplers
    Male & Female Flush Face
  • Rated Pressure
    206.7 bar continuous
  • Standard Equipment
    Quick Couplers
  • Torque
    1437.2 N @ 206.7 bar
23 cm Rock Auger

Used for extreme digging conditions, such as rock and coral. Replaceable carbide teeth.

Auger Bits

Available in 15.2 cm, 22.9 cm, 30.5 cm, 38 cm, 45.7 cm, 61 cm, 76.2 cm. Toro Augers are designed for years and years of service. From the penetration tip of the bit to the connection design on the shaft, Toro augers are engineered for durability. High carbon teeth penetrate the soil and protect the flighting. The teeth are easily replaceable when they become worn. The flighting on all Toro augers is connected to the shaft by a continuous weld. Most other auger flightings are tack welded at 2 or 3 spots on the shaft. High stress can cause the tack welds to crack and break, Toro welds will not break under the same conditions. The Toro flighting is composed of 1 cm thick continuous steel where many other augers are 3 mm thick or less. The shaft of the auger firmly connects to the power head reducing “play” in the system and creating a longer lasting auger. This connection provides less “shock” to the power head, lengthening the life of the head and its components.

Cement Bowl

Haul, mix, and pour up to 90.7 kg (dry) cement. Eliminates hand mixing.

30.5 cm & 61 cm Auger Extension

Made from the same high strength material as the auger shaft, the extension can be added to increase the depth of the hole.

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