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Durable Glass-Filled Nylon

Ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 15 bar.

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Active Cleansing Technology (ACT™)

Industry’s first active scrubber valve cleans continuously whereas competitive valves only clean on opening and closing.

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Fabric-reinforced EPDM Diaphragm and EPDM Seat

Designed to work in virtually all water applications.

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Rugged Internal Plastic and Stainless Steel Parts

Scrubber fan, nut and metering system are designed with marine and aerospace plastics and metals which make them resistant to water treated with chlorines and ozones.

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Precise Pressure Control Option

Compact EZReg® dial-design technology (factory or field installed – no need to remove solenoid).

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Completely Serviceable and Retrofittable

Diaphragm assembly may be replaced or retrofitted to previous models.

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Specifications P-220S Scrubber Series Valves – Bidding Specs English PDF