• 16 kW (21.5 hp) Kubota® diesel engine
  • 3-Wheel Series/Parallel Traction Drive
  • 183 to 216 cm Cutting Width
  • Ground Speed – Mowing: 0 to 6 mph; Transport: 0 to 9 mph

The Reelmaster® 3100-D is available with Sidewinder® – Toro’s exclusive system that gives operators the ability to shift all three reels left or right while on the fly – providing up to 58 cm of overhang and decreased tyre tracking.

Configuration Options:

  • Reelmaster 3100-D Diesel Powered with Sidewinder
  • Reelmaster 3100-D Diesel Powered with Fixed Heads

Powerful Engine

With a 21.5 hp (16 kW) Kubota® Diesel Engine, the Reelmaster® 3100-D has the power to climb and power to cut through difficult mowing conditions.

Superior Traction

There’s no need to worry about mowing around objects while traversing hills, even in wet terrain. The parallel hydraulic flow between front and rear wheels assures full-time 4-wheel drive. And the individual wheel brakes provide effective traction assistance on wet turf.


Sidewinder cutting units shift left and right a total of 61 cm. This increases the cutting unit overhang for precise trimming. The tyre tracks can also be shifted within the mowing path to reduce wear on the turf.

Ease of Service

With the engine located in the rear of the machine, the Reelmaster® 3100-D is easy to service. Open the engine compartment to have access to all filters, fluids and engine components for fast preventative maintenance.

Out-Front Operator

The operator sits out-front on the Reelmaster® 3100-D for better mowing visibility and easier access getting on and off the machine. Engine noise, vibration, and exhaust are all located behind the operator.

183 cm or 216 cm Width of Cut

The Reelmaster® 3100-D is available in a 183 cm or 216 cm width of cut. With a choice of 5, 8, and 11 blade reels and adjustable reel speed control, this mower can be configured to meet all mowing applications.

  • Engine
    21.5 hp (16 kW) Kubota® Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity
    28.4 litres
  • Mowing Speed
    0 to 6 mph
  • Transport Speed
    0 to 9 mph
  • Cutting Width
    72 in or 85 in (1.8 m or 2.1 m)
  • Adjustment
    Dual point bedknife to reel
  • Backlapping
    Standard on-board
  • Cutting Units
    Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) Cutting Units
  • Height of Cut
    6.4 mm to 6.4 cm
  • Reel Diameter
  • Number of Blades
    5, 8, and 11 blade
  • Reel Drive
  • Reel Length
    69cm or 81cm
  • Reel Speed
    Adjustable - 1000 RPM max
  • Traction Drive
    Series / Parallel 3WD
  • Weight
    Approx. 840 kg
  • Warranty 2 year limited warranty

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Powered Rear Roller Brush

The optional real roller brushes promote consistent grass dispersal to help your turf look immaculate. Multiple points of contact and faster rotation provide improved clipping dispersion in wet, sticky conditions.

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Fairway Grooming Brush

The Fairway Grooming Brush can be installed instead of groomer blades and is powered by the existing groomer drive. This brush improves quality-of-cut by lifting grass blades and ensuring all are evenly cut. Other benefits include: grain reduction, clipping dispersion, and dew removal. The Fairway Grooming Brush can be used in a variety of conditions by varying turf engagement.

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Verti-Cutting Reels

Used to minimise, remove and control thatch to prevent scalping and disease. Cut the rhizomes and stolons to enable regenerative grass growth. Extended wear carbide tipped blades are standard.

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Cutting Unit Rollers, Scrapers, Bedknives

Toro offers a wide variety of accessories to customise the cutting units to suit your needs and work the best in your conditions.

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Grass Basket

Collect the clippings with the optional grass basket.