• 35.8 kW (48 hp) Yanmar® engine
  • Full-Time 4-Wheel Drive
  • 335 cm Width of Cut
  • SmartCool™ Auto-Reversing Fan

Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4100-D delivers power where you need it most – to cut grass, no matter how challenging the conditions. With Smart Power™ technology, high engine torque and patented, efficient deck drive systems, these mowers are designed for productivity. Excellent trimming capability to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease, mow a 0 uncut circle, for back and forth patterns leaving no uncut grass. Patented, parallel hydraulic traction system with new, all time traction assist, maintains consistent hydraulic flow between front and rear wheelsto assure full time 4-wheel drive to mow with confidence, even on hills and wet grass. The Groundsmaster® 4000-D is the strongest most productive 335 cm mower available today. With the Kubota® turbo-charged, 43.3 kW (58 hp), diesel engine you can quickly mow through a variety of cutting conditions. The 4000-D has the rare ability to mow a 0 degree uncut circle without the use of wheel brakes.

Smart Power Traction image

Smart Power Traction

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Versatility (GM 4000/4010)

Accessories for added value and versatility: cab with ROPS, rotary broom, 2-stage snowthrower, debris blower, 2-post ROPS, A/C mounting kit, speed control, and road package kit.

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SmartCool™ System with Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Big time saver which reduces that amount of times an operator has to stop and exit the unit to clean the back hood.

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Major Mowing Capacity (GM 4000/4010)

The Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4010-D delivers 158.6 N of torque at 58 hp (43.3 kW) and 2,600 rpm. With so much power at your disposal, it’s easy to digest even a large amount of wet, thick grass. With its unmatched engine torque and patented hydraulic motors that directly drive spindles on each deck, the 4000-D/4010-D delivers power where you need it most to cut tough grass. Plus, the shallow deck design forces quicker clipping dispersal, allowing the decks to accept more grass on a faster basis.

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Operator Comfort (GM 4000/4010)

Operators will like the Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4010-D because it is amazingly quiet. Its low engine speed, low-noise technology gear motors, and a variable-speed cooling fan clutch all contribute to greatly reduced noise levels. Plus, amenities like air ride seat suspension, a multi-size beverage holder, 12-volt power outlet, and a portable radio holder make work more comfortable.

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Durable Design (GM 4000/4010)

Heavy-duty welded steel decks and frames provide extra durability and long life. Each wing deck features a bi-directional, patent pending, impact absorption system. If a deck hits an object, a spring-loaded cylinder allows the deck to flex on impact, protecting deck components so you have less down time and more productivity.

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Easier Maintenance

The Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4010-D mowers are easy to service and requires fewer parts to stock. That’s because the four drive belts, and the deck motors, blades, spindles, idlers, and spindle pulleys are all interchangeable. While rear discharge decks come standard, you can easily convert to Guardian® Recycler® decks which offer improved clipping management and additional safety.

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Nimble Manoeuvring

The impressive trimming capability means you can get around even the smallest object. The rare ability to mow a 0" uncut circle – without wheel brakes – allows you to easily mow striping patterns without leaving any grass uncut. Smooth turning is made possible by a tight 141 cm wheelbase and an inner, rear-steering turning angle of 53.5 degrees.

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Reliable Traction

There’s no need to worry about mowing around objects while traversing hills, even in wet terrain. The parallel hydraulic flow between front and rear wheels assures full-time 4-wheel drive. And the individual wheel brakes provide effective traction assistance on wet turf.

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Superb Trimming (GM 4000/4010)

In addition to effectively mowing a 157.5 cm to 335 cm swath with its fast wing lifts, the Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4010-D offers incredibly tight trimming capabilities. It allows you to trim how you want with one, two, or all three decks engaged, depending on the situation. The 4000-D/4010-D also features a unique, patent pending, parallel hydraulic traction system in forward and reverse that makes it much easier to trim around a tree or object without scuffing even while traversing a hill.

  • Engine
    Kubota® Diesel, 58 hp (43.3 kW)
  • Fuel Capacity
    72 litres diesel fuel
  • Mowing Speed
    0 to 8 mph
  • Transport Speed
    0 to 15 mph
  • Cutting Width
    335 cm Width of Cut
  • Weight
    Approx. 1,890 kg
  • Warranty
    2-year limited warranty
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Rotary Broom

The rotary broom sweeps parking areas, walkways, and turf of dirt, leaves and snow. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies.

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Atomic® Mulching Blades

Atomic® mulching blades feature an aggressive "tooth" design that shreds grass and leaves into small particles. The teeth curl upward behind the blade to suspend clippings in the chamber so they are cut and re-cut until they virtually disappear.

Turn your Toro Groundsmaster® into an Atomic® mulching machine!
Click here to contact your distributor to order parts.

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Stay cool and productive when mowing with a canopy.

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Cruise/Speed Control

Lets you set traction unit for a continuous operating speed with automatic override when operator moves drive pedal or operates brakes.

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Guardian® Recycler® Conversion Kit

Save time and increase productivity with this patented vertical discharge system. Time-consuming collection and disposal of clippings is completely eliminated. Plus, with no discharge chute, safety is improved.

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Leaf Mulching Kit

Mounts to the deck to pulverise fallen leaves into fine mulch.

Road Package Kit

Includes slow moving vehicle sign and lights to use when transporting on the road.

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Debris Blower Accessory

Clears large areas of debris and leaves quickly with a powerful blower fan.