• 32.4 kW (43.4 hp) Yanmar® Turbo-Diesel Engine, EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant
  • CrossTrax® All-Wheel Drive
  • 2.3 m Cutting Width with 5 56 cm Contour Plus Decks
  • Ground Speed – Mowing: 0 to 7 mph; Transport: 0 to 10 mph

With an average 5.4 acres (2.2 ha) an hour of mowing capacity, and CrossTrax® all wheel drive system, the 4300-D delivers unsurpassed performance and value.

Air-Ride Seat Suspension System

Convert the standard seat suspension to air-ride for rough applications to provide more comfortable ride for operators logging long hours in the seat.

Contour™ Plus Cutting Decks

The Contour™ Plus cutting technology takes quality of cut to a whole new level. Air inlet pockets keep the grass standing tall for the cleanest possible cut and a modified rear discharge opening disperses clippings more evenly. An optional mulching kit and optional high height of cut blade are also available.

CrossTrax® All-Wheel Drive

Based off our patented series/parallel 3-wheel drive kit, the CrossTrax® system automatically transfers power from the front tyres to the opposite rear tyres to minimise spinouts and maximise traction on wet terrain. ROPS and seatbelt included.

Durable Design

Proven rugged frame, drivetrain, and components ensure durability and long life. Heavy-duty welded steel decks and frames provide extra durability and long life.


The Groundsmaster® 4500-D, with a 2.7 m width of cut, lets you mow up to 7.6 acres (3.1 hectares) per hour. With a 3.8 m width of cut, the Groundsmaster® 4700-D lets you mow up to 10.5 acres (4.2 hectares) per hour, giving you a big boost in productivity.

Easy Service

Decks can be raised or removed quickly, and enclosures can be pulled off without tools so technicians can get at everything effortlessly.

High Height Blade

A new higher height of cut blade is now available in addition to the standard blade. This blade creates more lift and should be used in higher height of cut application. While there is no absolute height where the blade should be used, it should generally be used beginning at 5.7 cm or 6.4 cm height of cut.

Lighter Weight Design 4300

Optimised design and use of lightweight materials means less weight and turf compaction without sacrificing performance and functionality.

Operator Comfort

All of the indicators and controls to operate the unit are conveniently located on the right armrest. Control console pivots back for right hand entry and exit. Tilt steering, deluxe suspension seat, improved visibility and lower operating noise enhance the operator experience and help to reduce fatigue.

  • Engine
    32.4 kW (43.4 hp) Yanmar® Turbo-Diesel Engine, EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant
  • Fuel Capacity
    51.1 litres diesel fuel
  • Mowing Speed
    0 to 7 mph forward, 0 to 3.5 mph reverse
  • Transport Speed
    0 to 10 mph forward, 0 to 3.5 mph reverse
  • Cutting Width
    229 cm, overlap 12.7 cm, overhang 2.5 cm
  • Engine Horsepower
    32.4 kW (43.4 hp)
  • Engine Displacement
    1.5 litre
  • Weight
    1,454 kg – with full fluids and 5 cutting units
  • Warranty Two-year limited

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Atomic® Mulching Blades (5900/5910)

Atomic® mulching blades feature an aggressive “tooth” design that shreds grass and leaves into small particles. The teeth curl upward behind the blade to suspend clippings in the chamber so they are cut and re-cut until they virtually disappear.

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Leaf Mulching Kit

Mounts to the deck to pulverise fallen leaves into fine mulch.

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GM Sunshade

Stay cool and productive when mowing with a GM Sunshade