• 4.9 m width of cut, mows 100+ acres (40+ ha) per day
  • 3.3 L Yanmar Tier 4 Final Compliant turbo-diesel engine
  • SmartPower™ – optimised mowing in all conditions
  • Onboard InfoCenter™ with advisories and diagnostics for maximum uptime

The Groundsmaster® 5910 is loaded with productivity-boosting advantages like the Yanmar® turbo-charged, 53.7 kW (72 hp), diesel engine (biodiesel-ready, up to B20), SmartCool™ System with auto-reversing cooling fan, on-board InfoCenter™ diagnostics, and much more.

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SmartCool™ System With Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Big time saver which reduces that amount of times an operator has to stop and exit the unit to clean the back hood.

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Operator Comfort

The operator area of the Groundsmaster® 5900 was designed to make work more comfortable with amenities like a large operator platform, multi-size beverage holder, 12-volt power jack on control arm, personal storage box, storage slots for radio and phone, deluxe seat, portable radio holder, tilt steering, and air ride seat. Operators will also be pleased with the additional storage area behind the seat that's large enough for a water cooler, trash bucket, and other items.

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Biodiesel ready up to B-20.

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Smart Power™ Traction

This feature allows an inexperienced operator to be more productive than a seasoned veteran, preventing the machine from bogging down in heaving cutting conditions and keeps the blade speed at optimum cutting speed in any condition by automatically slowing down the traction unit ground speed to give more power to the blades.

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With the all-new InfoCenter™, you get helpful maintenance reminders and instant notification of potential problems. It's like having a mechanic on board.

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Mow closely around trees and other obstacles with zero trim. You can also turn 180° and leave no uncut grass.

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To mow between objects or along narrower areas, operators may raise either left or right wing decks (142" (3.6 m) width of cut) as well as both decks (92" (2.3 m) width of cut). The cutting units can be set from 1-6" (2.5-15.2 cm) to handle a wide variety of conditions.

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Mowing Capacity

The 5900/5910 Series is all about covering maximum ground. With the cutting decks down, you get a full 16' (4.9 m) cut capable of mowing more the 100 acres (40.5 hectares) per day.

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Wing Decks: Bi-directional Impact Absorption System

If the operator misjudges distance, the unique, bi-directional impact absorption system helps prevent damage and costly repairs. A massive spring-loaded shock cushions the decks away from the object.

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The full-time, 4-wheel drive puts power where it's needed. The cutting decks automatically take weight off the cutting units for more flotation, and put it on the traction wheels when climbing hills. Individual wheel brakes and 4WD flow divider can be used to provide additional traction assistance.

  • Engine
    Yanmar® 3.3 L turbo diesel 53.7 kW (72 hp)
  • Fuel Capacity
    132 litres
  • Mowing Speed
    0 to 10.8 mph
  • Transport Speed
    0 to 32.2 mph
  • Cutting Width
    488 cm
  • Weight
    Approx. 3,043 kg
  • Warranty
    Two year limited warranty.
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Rotary Broom

The rotary broom sweeps parking areas, walkways, and turf of dirt, leaves and snow. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies.

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Snowthrower (GM)

This is the perfect blizzard battler. The 135 cm wide Erskine™ snowthrower throws snow up to 9.1 m while clearing paths down to the ground. Manufactured and marketed by Erskine Attachments™.

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Atomic® Mulching Blades (5900/5910)

Atomic® mulching blades feature an aggressive “tooth” design that shreds grass and leaves into small particles. The teeth curl upward behind the blade to suspend clippings in the chamber so they are cut and re-cut until they virtually disappear.

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Leaf Mulching Kit (5900)

Mounts to the deck to pulverise fallen leaves into fine mulch.