The only 6/8” ID drip tape in the industry.

  • Longer runs and better uniformity than 5/8” ID drip tape
  • Lower system costs resulting from less hose, layflat, connections and labor
  • Less expensive than 7/8” ID drip tape
  • More environmentally friendly than 7/8” ID drip tape, plus more water savings due to less runoff

With Toro’s new 6/8” ID Aqua-Traxx® drip tape, Sweet Spot™, growers get the perfect tape to split the difference between 5/8” ID and 7/8” ID tape – enabling growers to achieve longer runs than 5/8” tape and lower costs than 7/8” tape. Not only is Toro the only manufacturer of 6/8” drip tape, but Toro is also the only provider of 6/8” fittings to support these unique, cost-saving applications. For Aqua-Traxx Sweet Spot design help, check out our AquaFlow design software.

  • Flow
    Sweet Spot is available in all Aqua-Traxx Azul flow rates
  • Inside Diameter
Documents Type Language
Performance Drip Tape Performance Charts 2016 English PDF
Performance Drip Tape Performance Charts 2016 (Español) Spanish PDF
Data Sheet Drip tape Installation Instructions and Warranty English PDF
Product Literature Aqua-Traxx Recommended Flushing Pressures FINAL English PDF
Product Literature Cinta de Goteo Sweet Spot Spanish PDF
Product Literature Aqua-Traxx Sweet Spot Drip Tape English PDF