• Longer runs and better uniformity than 5/8” ID drip tape
  • Lower system costs resulting from less hose, layflat, connections and labor
  • Less expensive than 7/8” ID drip tape
  • More environmentally friendly than 7/8” ID drip tape, plus more water savings due to less runoff

With Toro’s new 6/8” ID Aqua-Traxx® drip tape, Sweet Spot™, growers get the perfect tape to split the difference between 5/8” ID and 7/8” ID tape – enabling growers to achieve longer runs than 5/8” tape and lower costs than 7/8” tape. Not only is Toro the only manufacturer of 6/8” drip tape, but Toro is also the only provider of 6/8” fittings to support these unique, cost-saving applications. For Aqua-Traxx Sweet Spot design help, check out our AquaFlow design software.

  • Flow
    Sweet Spot is available in all Aqua-Traxx and Aqua-Traxx Azul flow rates
  • Inside Diameter
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Product Literature Aqua-Traxx Sweet Spot Drip Tape English PDF
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Product Literature Cintas de Riego por Goteo de Toro Aqua Traxx y Aqua Traxx Azul Spanish PDF
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