AF800 Automatic Hydraulic Screen Filter

  • Three layer floating screen, allowing for greater open area through screen, and mild resistance to water hammer
  • Highly efficient cleaning nozzles are close to the screen for optimal performance
  • Reliable external back flush valve is easy to service
  • Special manifolds for multiple filters systems for high flow rates

The Toro-YAMIT AF800 automatic hydraulic screen filters are ideal for the most demanding of agricultural and greenhouse irrigation applications. They can also be used as back up filtration at the control valves in the field. Operating hydraulically, the AF800 Series delivers high quality filtration from a wide range of water sources including treated wastewater, reservoirs, rivers and lakes. The filter is equipped with a coarse screen protecting the finer screen from stones and larger debris. Once the pressure loss reaches a pre-set level, the filter will auto-clean in just 10 seconds, ensuring a continuous supply of clean filtered water is maintained. Available in parallel or angle configurations with single filter screen areas up to 1,815 in² and maximum flow rates up to 2,642 gpm.

  • Flow
    300-3300 gpm
  • Inlet
    4-12 inches
  • Inlet/Outlet
    4-12 inches
  • Outlet
    4-12 inches
  • Pattern
  • Size
    4 - 12 inches
  • Solenoid
    12 Volt DC
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