• Tapered shape of the body maintains high velocity of the water and particles during the separation process forcing the particles to the bottom of the hydrocyclone
  • Underdrain – The shape changes the direction of the particles causing them to settle in the chamber, while the valve on the lower chamber allows for easy periodic flushing of the accumulated particles
  • Rubber cone increases the efficiency of the separator by extending the shape of the hydrocyclone down into the lower chamber, and provides protection to the lower neck of the hydrocyclone
  • Multiple Unit Manifolding - The tapered shape of the hydrocyclone allows for close spacing on a manifold, ideal for applications where a number of smaller units are required

Our hydrocyclone separators are designed for the most challenging of agricultural, greenhouse and nursery applications. These manual filter units are ideal for removing large volumes of suspended material such as sand or other heavy debris. Water enters via the inlet creating a spiral flow. Centrifugal force separates the dirt particles from the water and pushes them towards the walls of the separator. Particles gravitate downwards and into the debris collector, while water moves upwards and exits via the outlet. The debris collector is drained simply by opening a flush valve for a few seconds. Available from 1” to 8” inlet/outlet configurations.

  • Flow
    10.6 - 1452 gpm
  • Inlet
    3/4" to 8"
  • Inlet/Outlet
    3/4” to 8” inlet/outlet configurations available
  • Operating Pressure
    10 bars / 145 PSI (maximum recommended)
  • Outlet
    3/4" to 8"
  • Size
    3/4" to 8"
  • Thread
    3/4" and 1" MPT; 2" to 8" victaulic and flanged connections
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