Pre Pump Strainers

  • Strong and robust stainless-steel screen
  • Available in two filtration grades—1200 micron (16 mesh) and 2500 micron (8 mesh)
  • Reliable sprinkler and nozzle cleaning mechanism
  • Minimum pressure required for the sprinkler flushing operation is 2-3 bar (30-45 psi), depending on type of debris

Toro pre-pump strainers (PPS) are ideal as pre-filtration to protect and extend the life of the pump and reduce the level of solids in the water.

Documents Type Language
Parts Advanced Filtration Solutions from Toro and Yamit English PDF
Product Literature Pre-Pump Strainer English PDF
Product Literature Soluciones de Filtración Avanzada de Toro y Yamit Spanish PDF