• Superior quality and performance--available in a wide range of configurations designed to last the full irrigation system life
  • Fast and easy installation thanks to easy to grip nuts & valves--so you get a tight seal and LESS LEAKING
  • Only 6/8" fitting in the industry--available in popular configurations for longer runs than 5/8" applications, and lower cost than 7/8" applications
  • Flex Connect Layflat Fittings are the easiest layflat fitting to install, remove and reuse

Toro’s new line of drip irrigation fittings gives growers easy-to-install, superior quality tape and hose fittings in popular configurations for enhanced flexibility and system design. Growers also get a revolutionary Layflat fitting design and 6/8” drip tape fittings to support new, costeffective 6/8” drip irrigation tape applications. All irrigation fitting configurations are designed to last for the life of the drip system while making grower’s lives easier, more flexible, and more profitable.

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Product Literature Toro Fittings for Drip Irrigation English PDF
Product Literature Flex Connect Layflat Connection System English PDF
Product Literature Aqua-Traxx Sweet Spot Drip Tape English PDF
Product Literature Accesorios de Conexión Toro Spanish PDF
Product Literature Sistema de Conexión para Manguera Plana Flex Connect Spanish PDF
Product Literature Cinta de Goteo Sweet Spot Spanish PDF