• Efficient Emitter Design - The unique "shark tooth" emitter flow path design allows uniform application of water and nutrients in demanding field applications, including long lengths of run or undulating terrain
  • Accurate Flow Rate Between 5 and 60 psi - A wide operating window means less waste and uniform application of fluids to all plants, even at system start up and shutdown
  • Low Profile Emitter Design - Reduced friction loss saves energy and helps ensure uniform application of fluid to all plants
  • Uniform Manufacturing Platform - State of the art injection molding technology yields an "industry best" manufacturing coefficient of variation (Cv) of less than 3%, helping to ensure uniform application of fluids to all plants

The all new Blueline® Classic dripline boasts an innovative emitter design that provides superior drip irrigation performance in the most extreme conditions. Coupled with Toro's Blue Stripe hose, the industry standard against which all other hose is measured, Blueline Classic provides performance, durability and economy. For the best in both emitter and hose technology in permanent crop applications, Toro Blueline Classic is the best choice.

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