No matter what form they take, all marketing and sales materials must follow the approved Toro graphic standards.

Sell Sheets


  • The Toro shield is positioned in the upper left corner at the proper spacing and sizing.
  • Font guidelines incorporate the DIN Next family and approved supporting fonts.
  • Product shots should be the focus with feature call-outs either on the image or in paragraph form.


  • Specs are in grid format with rows alternating between white and light grey.
  • The Toro shield is typically placed in the lower left with copyright information and legal disclaimers to the right.
  • The approved selection of social media icons can be included at your discretion.

Pocket Guides

The relatively small design space of pocket guides can present challenges, so use your best judgment on logo sizing and spacing. Follow Toro’s print font guidelines, incorporating DIN Next, and the approved color palette. The shield should either appear in the upper left or centered.



Product Brochures & Catalogs

When creating product brochures and catalog covers, you have several graphic options available, but certain elements should be present for consistency.


  • Toro Logo – always positioned in the upper left corner, and more commonly encompassed within gradient banner.
  • Gradient banner – if applying on brochures and catalogs, the typical design includes the gradient banner at top (in black) and one-inch in height. The gradient banner runs the full width of cover with a gradual fading of at least the last 2 inches.
  • Product Name – either positioned following the Toro logo at a proper spacing that is the height of the “T” in the TORO logotype, or at right in the gradient bar.
    • Typeface of the product name should be set in DIN Next LT Pro Bold, preferably in all caps. If this creates spacing problems, use your best judgment.
    • If the title/product name fits on one line, the text should rest on the same baseline as the TORO logotype.
    • If there is need for a two-line title, the text should be centered with the Toro shield.


  • The following should appear in the bottom left corner, stacked in this order:
    1. Part number, if applicable
    3. Copyright
      • © 20XX The Toro Company. Bloomington, MN 55420
      • All rights reserved. Printed in the USA.
    4. Legal disclaimers
      • EXAMPLE: Products depicted in this literature are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary in use, design, required attachments and safety features. We reserve the right to improve our products and make changes in specifications, design and standard equipment without notice and without incurring obligation. See your dealer for details on all our warranties.
  • Social media icons are typically presented in the lower right corner with the URL name(s) listed beneath for the corresponding properties that match the product shown.
  • The Toro shield, with or without the tagline, is usually centered – but can also be placed in the lower left or right corner, as the design requires.

Direct Mail

Toro direct mail pieces should follow regular graphic standards using the DIN Next font and print guidelines.

Side with mailing panel:

  • The Toro shield is usually positioned in the upper left or lower right corner.
  • Additional dealer information including name, website, phone and other contact information should be positioned in the bottom left.

Side without mailing panel:

  • The Toro shield, with or without tagline, is positioned in either the upper left or bottom right corner.