Learn more about the new Field Pro 6040.

A Grade Above.
From the Leader in Infield Maintenance.

Create ballfields that fans and players love with the Toro Field Pro 6040. This workhorse features efficient operation with the innovative MultiTool™, ergonomic operator comfort, and incredible versatility in attachment options. The dedicated platform produces a consistent, superior infield playing surface regardless of starting conditions. Precision engineering means precise results. All the tools to make your job easier.

QAS Rear Quick Attach System™

With the rear QAS, anyone can switch from one attachment to another in less than a minute, with no tools required. Match the machine to the environment to get your fields back into playing condition. QAS allows you to do more with less, and get the job done faster.


The Field Pro MultiTool is an innovative design that includes an integrated grader and an adjustable tool carrier to quickly and accurately grade, groom and perfect your infields. When fitted with the optional laser grading system the Field Pro 6040 will easily grade your infield for optimal game playing conditions.

MultiTool Adjustable Carrier

The MultiTool Adjustable Carrier allows for coarse or fine scarifying, allowing operator adjustments from field to field depending on conditions. Hydraulically-controlled depth and angle adjustment provide precise interaction, where needed, for desired results.

MultiTool Box Grader

The integrated MultiTool box grader is nearly 6 feet (182 cm) wide for efficient and accurate grooming. Made from high-strength steel, the grader is built to last for years of dependable service. When fitted with the accessory tool holder, the grader is able to incorporate several additional tools including an Edger, Root Cutter, and Planer Blade Kit. Includes an abrasion resistant changeable wear edge.

Product Development in the Community

Watch as we take our new Field Pro 6040 out to not only test our product, but to give back to the surrounding community. We take product development seriously and ensure we use a customer-driven approach to both the technology and innovations we implement.