The 2016 Service Reference contains all currently available Commercial Service Manuals and Service Training Guides as of January, 2016. The Service Reference includes Service Manuals for products that are out of production as well as current products. The 2016 Service Reference is available as a single DVD or a USB Flash Drive. The Flash Drive is shaped like a combination wrench.

The new 2016 Service Reference includes all information from the previous publication plus the new or revised manuals released since the last Service Reference was published. Nine (9) new manuals and eight (8) revised manuals have been added this year. New service manuals on the 2016 Service Reference include the Tier 4 Groundsmaster 3500, Reelmaster 3550-D, Reelmaster 5010-H (Hybrid), Tier 4 Reelmaster 5410/5510/5610, Tier 4 Reelmaster 7000, Workman HD series vehicles (including vehicles with Kubota engine), MultiPro 1750, SandPro 2040Z and GreensPro 1240.

2016 Service Reference DVD is Part No. 16218SD

2016 Service Reference USB Flash Drive is Part Number 16219SD

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As in the past, all files on the DVD and Flash Drive are in PDF format for ease of use and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The documents retain the appearance of the original published materials and can be viewed on a computer screen or printed for reference in a service shop. A “point and click” menu system is provided to access the individual documents. Visit Adobe's Web Site for more information about Adobe Reader.