0%/Monthly Interest

for 18 months


  • Available through 5/31/2017
  • Min Finance amount $500
  • Revolving Charge Loan

Yard Card Canada

OAC with a Yard Card Canada or Yard Card Canada Plus credit card account. A minimum purchase of $500 or more is required. The minimum payment for this Promotional Offer is a special repayment factor of 5.556% of the purchase amount for a 18 month promotional term. Interest will not accrue during the promotional period. If during the promotional term you fail to make a required monthly payment, the Promotional Offer will terminate. The remaining balance owed on the promotional purchase will then be charged interest at the Preferred Rate until the account balance is paid in full. The Preferred Rate of Interest is 28.9% per annum. For purchases $2,500 or greater a $100 fee applies to the Promotional Offer.