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  • 16 hp (12 kw) Vanguard® Engine
  • Quick Attach System™ (QAS)
  • 17 Attachments Available
  • Series/Parallel™ 3WD Traction Drive

The new Sand Pro® 3040 is a versatile maintenance machine that not only does an exceptional job grooming surfaces, but also can be converted to perform other critical maintenance tasks. The patented Quick Attach System™ (QAS) allows for under-a-minute attachment changes for 17 attachments. Each attachment was specifically designed to take the operator influence out of the equation for high performance and a consistent surface finish.

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Power Packed Engines

The trusted Vanguard® engine is fuel efficient, runs cooler and features a fully pressurized oil lubrication system for longer life.

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3WD Series/Parallel™ Traction Drive

The 3WD Series/Parallel™ traction drive improves traction in wet or heavy working conditions to get the job completed quickly. In traditional 3WD units all traction effort is lost as soon as one wheel slips. Series/Parallel™ ensures that you always have tractive effort with at least one wheel to keep your unit from getting stuck and losing precious time.

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Ease of Use

Easy to use and adapt to the next task. Having the right tool for the job increases the effectiveness of your crew and the efficiency of your operation. Attachments are designed to minimize operator influence to achieve the same result, regardless of whether a new or veteran employee performed the task.

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Front Manual Blade

Finger tip operation (no overhead bar), paired handle/foot pedal and torsion bar to improve down pressure provide level/consistent contouring in difficult areas. Quick-up latch locks blade in transport position between uses to improve operator ease of use.

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Maneuverable Steering

For operator ease of use, and to improve the effectiveness of the steerable front attachments, hydraulic power steering is now available on the 5040 and a rugged gear drive system on the 3040. Both designs are now environmentally sealed to ensure long life and reduced maintenance.

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Maintenance Friendly Layout

The new unit was designed with the mechanic in mind, to reduce, simplify, and increase access to all scheduled maintenance. The majority of scheduled maintenance projects can be accessed by lifting the operator seat. For increased access, the side and center quarter panels can be taken off by removing just a few bolts.

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Quick Attach System™ (QAS)

With the Quick Attach System™ (QAS), anyone can switch from one attachment to another in less than a minute, with no tools required! Match the machine to the environment to get your fields back into playing condition The QAS allows you to do more with less, and get the job done faster. Rear QAS is standard on the Sand Pro® 3040 and 5040, front QAS™ is optional on the Sand Pro® 5040.

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Mid-Mount System

With the Mid-mount system, a flex mounted toolbar can be adjusted to flex backwards when it comes in contact with anything from rocks or other rigid objects to prevent gouging or wash boarding. Multiple locking depth settings to ensure consistent depth of scarification from day to day or between operators. A mid-mount leveling system is also available to make quick work of the difficult projects like around dugouts or player positions.

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Quick Connect Hydraulics

Quick connect hydraulics make it simple to connect or disconnect any of the powered attachments in under a minute. This eliminates the need for dedicated equipment.

  • Engine
    16 hp (12 kw) Vanguard® 4-cycle, gas
  • Fuel Capacity
    5 gal (18.9 L)
  • Ground Speed
    0-10 mph (0 - 16.1 kph)
  • Height
    45.25 in (1.15 m)
  • Length
    67.5 in (1.7 m)
  • Traction Drive
    3 wheel drive
  • Weight
    930 lbs. (422 kg)
  • Warranty
    2-year limited warranty
  • Width
    58" (147.3 cm)
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Midmount Spring Tine Toolbar

Flexible 1/4"x 5" (6 mm x 12.7 cm) tines designed for light scarifying and breaking up top crusts after rains.

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Midmount Scarifier/Leveling Blade

Mid-mount leveling blade attaches to any tine toolbar to quickly level out large areas. Selectable depth engagement from ground level to 1.5 (3.8 cm), 52 (132.1 cm) width, transport height 6.75 (17.1 cm)

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Midmount Solid Tine Toolbar

Reversible solid tines designed for aggressive scarifying and harder surfaces (carbide tipped teeth are also available for the harshest conditions).

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Rear Finish Grader

QAS Designed for leveling and/or scarifying large areas like difficult sports field areas. 66 (168cm) width, box plow and scarifier, 1.8 (4.5cm) max working depth, spring load regulation to allow relief if an obstruction is hit. Hardened carbide tips available for scarifier teeth.

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Rear Drag Mat Carrier System

QAS mounting carrier frame designed to eliminate the need to manually lift drag mats between passes and traveling from field to field. 72 (183cm) width, accepts steel or cocoa drag mats. Hydraulic raise/lower of drag mats.

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Rear Cocoa Drag Mat

Designed to quickly produce a premium finish on dry bunkers.

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QAS™ Bunker Pump

Bring your flooded areas back in play faster while requiring only one person to operate. Driven by the Sand Pro's powerful onboard hydraulics, the QAS™ Bunker Pump throws water up to 40 feet (12.2 metres), pumping 95 gallons per minute (360 litres per minute). The Bunker Pump utilizes the exclusive Quick Attach System™ (QAS) and can mount on the front or rear of a Sand Pro® (rear-only for the 3040) for added versatility. An available hose kit gives added flexibility allowing the QAS™ Bunker Pump to be dropped into hard to reach areas.

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Rear Spiker

QAS Ground driven design for spiking and increasing air flow on turf. Rear QAS 57.6 (746cm) width, 1.25 (3.1cm) max working depth, 2.4 (6.1cm) blade spacing. Two independently floating units, with 12 spiker blades and 11 hold down fingers.

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Rear Segmented Grooming Broom

QAS grooming brooms designed to minimize top surface disruption to maximize firmness for a smooth finished look.

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Front Manual Blade

Spring balanced manual blade, designed for leveling out uneven areas. Comes with additional foot lever to enable operator to easily apply added down pressure. 40 (101 cm) width steel blade, spring assisted for raising plow.

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Rear Spring Rake

QAS spring leaf rake assembly designed for sole use or in combination with tooth rake to achieve desired appearance. Great for wet conditions and collecting debris in groomed areas. Rear QAS 76" (193cm) width, with 5 individual rake sections and spring teeth for excellent floatation and minimal surface disruption.

Front 60" (152.4 cm) Blade Extension

60" (152.4 cm) bolt on expansion blade designed for leveling out larger uneven areas (for manual blade only).

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Rear Tooth Rake

QAS Grooming rake designed to lightly scarify, pack, smooth and groom in one pass (for wet or dry conditions). Great for improving the performance of neglected sports fields. 72" (183cm) width, with 5 rake sections, 27 prongs adjustable for depth and wear.

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Rear Steel Drag Mat

Designed to quickly groom and finish wet or dry sports fields, while minimizing the displacement of infield mix especially into the outfield.

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Midmount Weeder Tine Toolbar

Cultivation style tines for removing weeds and grass from unwanted areas.

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Rear Hitch Kit

200 lbs (90.7 kg) gross trailer weight/ hitch load.

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Rear Debris Blower

QAS high power cyclone blower designed to quickly clear debris from groomed and unwanted areas. Hydraulically powered, 2000 rpm fan speed - 2700 cfm @ 81 mph (76.4 cmm @ 130 kph).

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Accessory Guide

View all available attachments and accessories in the Accessory Guide

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Data Sheet Sand Pro 3040/5040 Series Golf Sell Sheet English PDF
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Data Sheet Sand Pro 3040/5040 Series Golf Sell Sheet English PDF